C obakan vs c quintess next to knight

So I got c obakan yesterday and I’m kinda intrigued by him. Doesn’t hit as hard as quintess, but I’m running zeline left of Knight which already gives attack down to everyone line c quintess does.

Imo obakan is one if the worst heros in the game, but his costume intrigues me now by putting him next to knight.

What are your thoughts? Here are both their stats.

C. Obakan isn’t bad, he is worth tabards. He might be better for defence than C. Quintus because of mana speed.

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What I like about him being next to knight is that the damage is countered even knight fires off.

C.obakan his a huge step up from his classic form. The counterattack and fast mana speed will serve you on offense and defense better than Quintus, in my opinion.

Even more so with the recent upgrade

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