C loot for Titans

I can not for the life of me, will ever be able to understand how C loot can yield such great loot. I just had a member get a tonic and tabard from a titan kill. Where the incentive to do better when they get rewarded like this. I have see this way to many times. And it ■■■■■■ me off. God bless them that they get it but SG spits on the face of a top titan killers using expensive materials to get and A or A+ raking to help the alliance and get nothing for it. I know it random but it happens more time then I can count and I think it’s very unfair.

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@Guvnor has all the answers…


Why? Don’t you want your teammates getting better day by day to be able to reach a or a+ grades as well? In my honest opinion, there is nothing more “fair” in this game than the randomness of the loot.

Ugh… there’s that word again! Nails on a chalkboard! :confounded:

Closing this topic down for a couple reasons:

  1. Loot is not tied to the GRADE you get but the TIER you get

  2. All loot in this game is RNG based… That means that there is a CHANCE for 4* mats at Tier XVI and a CHANCE for those same materials at Tier IX.

  3. Have a read of this thread (below) for some more specifics


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