C.Killhare or Louhi

This is who I’ve got in Purples… who gets the Mats next?

My typical mono Purple team is C.Rigs+20/LB, Onyx, Hel, Panther, Seshat.
With nine tiles everyone charges SS and Rigs+Panther+Onyx usually kills three enemies; Hel blocks mana on what’s left; Seshat can smack one of the remaining ones too.

Have Fighter Emblems (Killhare), don’t have Monk Emblems (Louhi)

I don’t think either of C.Killhare or Louhi make it into my mono team, but I’m sitting on a pile of Tabards and no other purple projects.

  • C.Killhare
  • Louhi
  • Someone else

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Louhi does basically same as C.Killhare but has more protection, does priority dispell to all (almost unique) and def down. Easy winner even though C. Killhare is very solid hero :slight_smile:


Adding to what @Cerevan_the_Omni said, she can also heal and gain mana once, wich greatly improve her as PvP card.

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Louhi is one of the best heroes to take against taunts. Dispells and then attacks and gives defense down to all. 100% Louhi

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