C.Kadilen or Kunchen on tank?

I’ve just get C.Kadilen, do you think she will be better than Kunchen on tank position? Will Kunchen perform well as a flank??

I have a lot of options, I apprecciate any suggestions/help for my defense team! I don’t know what to do!

Green: C.Kadilen, Lianna, Bertila
Purple: Kunchen, Sartana
Yellow: Poseidon, C.Vivica
Blue: Isarnia, Thorne, Magni
Red: Marjana, C.Elena, Azlar

Actual team: Marjana, Isarnia, Kunchen, Poseidon Lianna (All of them +20)


Costume kadilen is a great tank but i like her more as a flank. i dont fear kunchen too much.

They both make for solid tanks, I think. For me, dodge is one of the most frustrating effects to fight against, so I feel like C. Kadilen would be the better tank, of the two.

I find harder to beat C. Kadilen rather than Kunchen.

With your list, I’d use this team if you want to go with rainbow:

C. Vivica - Magni - C. Kadilen - Marjana - Sartana

C. Elena can be a nightmare but I think that she doesn’t have a good synergy with the dodge of c. Kadilen.

Interesting suggestion, I’ll study it, the “problem” For me is to swap emblems from Poseidon to Magni and from Kunchen to C.Vivia, I’l see!

What about Marjana, Kunchen,C.Kadilen, Isarnia(or Thorne) Poseidon, viable??

Then not.

Poseidon is better than magni without costume, and Kunchen deserve the emblems.

If you’re going to use the combo you mentioned, then I’d go with Thorne, as you’d have two heroes who reduce defense if you used Isarnia.

Maybe Poseidon, Kunchen, C.Kadilen, Thorne, Marjana, I need to study my options better… Thanks for your help

Tanks win on bad boards and kunchen isn’t scary since he doesn’t attack but a bad board will destroy you vs c kadilen. No tank is unbeatable (well of telly maybe) but you want those bad board wins tomalways go your way.

Do you think Kunchen can be a good left flank supporting C.Kadilen??

Yes but honestly I’ve stopped running healers in defense. I know they help but you essentially make it a 4 hero team since it’s only the slash attack. I used to always run one but I don’t anymore in defense.

Just my opinion but kunchen would be decent if you had to run a healer though crigard is nearly as good and avg Mana or near fast w emb and troop.

Why stick to the old V shape? The concept of tank is absolete. Do some research on formations, might find there are way stronger lines than the classic V.

I still need help, I appreciate it!

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