C. Kadilen needs a nerf

As the title suggests, I’m here to advocate that c. Kadilen get toned down. Inari wasn’t released fast for a reason, yet here the developers go releasing a version of Inari that not only gives dodge to all, but inflicts damage to all and allows the dodger to gain mana independently from minions being present. C. Kadilen is way too fast for all that she can do and it annoys me to no end that no one is talking about this. Y’all want to complain about frigg and Telluria, but where’s the concern for this broken hero. And a message to the developers, if y’all were so concerned about Inari and her original form (which wasn’t anywhere near as strong as c. Kadilen) why would you release a hero who is essentially an updated version of her that you deemed too powerful to release? Can someone make that make sense?

EDIT: c. Kadilen DOES NOT give small amounts of mana for dodging. I was thinking of Margaret.


What if they could make Inari fast and change the dodge mechanic to not allow heroes to avoid dispels?

Kadilen is ok. Inari is the problem, she is too weak. Stop nerfing, start buffing.
They can’t make more money on Inari, though. So I doubt it will happen anytime soon. They still makes a lot of profit out C. Kadilen pursuits though, so neither option will happen. Sorry.


Very helpful to the discussion

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This really. While C Kadilen did kick my butt more times than I wanted, I don’t feel she’s that OP when compared with other heroes. You can still easily take her down with the tiles.

Problem in this comparison is that Inari’s special is weaker while being slower and that’s really an issue. Inari’s minions are very useful (high attack and that passive mana gen) but they are so squishy even a slash attack kills them, so they don’t survive for too long; summoning them depending on the dodge is also too complicated with the dodge chance being only slightly higher than in Kadilen’s case.

Problem will always be the money - SG is ceasing the Atlantis summon portal and players are unlikely to summon there heavily, especially when S4 comes up. Slight buff or even a rework to Inari won’t change that. And unfortunately SG is very obvious in their ballancing practice - instead of being driven by logic and fairness, balancing is mostly driven by where the revenues are. Revenues are no longer in the Atlantis portal, or wherever Inari is going to be available after S4 (I am more and more thinking that they will merge Atlantis summons with a different portal some day).


Yes, the Telluria event has created quite the fallout.


The problem I have, is the title of the thread. Kadilen costume is far from being OP compared with some newer S3 or Event heroes. She is now a great hero probably one of the best S1 heroes but she is still beatable even with a mediocre board (unlike some other green heroes, yes I’m looking at you Frigg)

Would this thread be called something like buff Inari I would have wholeheartedly agreed, but only because there are some weaker heroes doesn’t mean that every hero stronger needs a nerf. So instead of complaining about op heroes and demanding nerfs for everything, players should start figuring out tactics against them with the heroes they have. Everything is beatable if you really try and you loose nothing if it needs some time too figure out how.

Just for clarification, I have neither Kadilen costume nor inari.


I agree


U just jealous don’t have c.kadilen.

I have one and she is great :kissing_heart:

Mod close this thread :joy:


The developers need to consistently do hero/game mechanic updates but either they are too lazy or understaffed to do so.


She can be difficult but not impossible a strong red 4 stack should get her in 6 tiles. Plus you can just wait the buff out then use specials.

She is good hero, I don’t think she needs a nerf. Instead they should buff few underpowered hero’s. There are many event hero’s who are way too powerful then ©kadilen.

Note: I don’t have costume Kadilen :slight_smile:


Yeah but not lazy. Neither understaffed. I’d say they need to buff the older ones ASAP, it got to a critical point after the ninjas were released, specially Cobalt. Heroes does need power management like any other RPG.

The problem is all they focus on is creating stronger and stronger heroes while the game is breaking into pieces without balance. Threads like this are going to be more common each day. In other words, they’re greedy and want you to summon new heroes non stop because in 5 months or so they get weak. Somewhat like @Suicide_Bunny amazingly said in his post.

That S4 beta heroes left it pretty clear that they plan to release monsters heroes that will make even Heimdall look like a baby. Without any indicative of previous heroes buffing. For what? For you buy.

When TelLa were nerfed, some heroes got buffed. Which heroes? All from s3, the newest, of course. For what? You buy them.

That’s why I strongly disbelieve in any balance manage. Specially buffing older heroes. Specially s1 and 2. I also absolutely don’t think balance is a matter. Even unbalanced heroes annoys us, it happens for months and nothing was done, actually even stronger heroes were released. Vela and telluria weren’t buffed back now they’re mediocre. So, yes… that’s it.


Enough of the nerfs already!!! If anything advocate for a buff of Inart! Christ, if I hear another candy $$$ request for a nerf I’m going to go ape $$$$


As the majority here, I don’t think that c. Kadilen needs a nerf. She’s well-balanced, but not OP at all. She can hit you twice and still stay alive.


For C.Kadilen no nerf required. Her dodge is a real pain but only for the other heroes as I usually kill her with tiles.

For S4 I will make no judgment based on early beta.

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Her damage is not severe unless boosted by the common black knight/krampus tanks, and her minions are the same as standard druid ones; they do not give mana boosts on dodges like Inaris do.
Her role on a defence is to buy Finley/Killhare corners an extra turn or two to fire off, she’s a good support hero to top defences but she isn’t OP independently. Those defences will still be a nightmare without her.


No. no no. no no no.

Stop with this idea.

I don’t have her. She irritates me when she goes off. But I do not support a nerf.

Making a s1 hero strong enough in this new meta is something we should see MORE of, not less. Costumes are cheaper than S2/S3/S4 to pull for and give utility to TC20 heroes, which are more attainable than HA10.

Stop stop stop.


Is anyone going to point out that Kadilen’s dodge doesn’t gain mana?..

+1 for buffing Inari though. Summoning one minion for all on cast should be enough (though may need to raise minion HP to 15%)


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