C. Kadilen dodged Cobalt charged to stage 3

Is C. Kadilens dodge not counted as defensive buff?

Unfortunately, I didn’t took a screenshot but I just finished a raid where a costumed Kadilen dodged the stage 3 special of my Cobalt.

I was the opinion that this should not happen, as he has a 100% chance to bypass any defensive buffs, right?

it isn’t a defensive buff. it is working as expected

good explanation here by @Guvnor

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Thanks a lot for the link, but I just started a new raid against the team and fired Cobalt after C. Kadilen:

Only C. Kadilen dodged, all other received the full damage. Looks like it is not working properly…

It is working properly. The dodge chance is 45 percent, it activated on kadi, the rest of the defensive heroes were less lucky.

It is working as intended & is consistent.

As linked above, there is a larger thread which explains it all. The short version is:

The “Defensive buff” of the pierce/bypass abilitiy takes the wording very literally: a defensive buff is if it affects the defence stat in the damage calculation.

When bypass/pierce is successful, it bypasses ALL buffs…

Please see this graphic for an explanation of how the Bypass/ Pierce stuff processes in terms of a logic sequence:

In the example shown (in post 3), you can see a Defence Buff on the enemy heroes (from Freya). This is a Defensive buff & thus can trigger the processing of the bypass ability.


Thanks a lot for the explanation.

Short question @staff:

Have you already finished the bachelor and master classes? Will they only be available in Helsinki or do you offer online courses as well?

Sry, just kidding…

But, why there is no official explanation for buffs, ailments etc. ? At least with season 3 and the Ninjas, the specials are getting more and more confusing. An official release / guide could make it much easier and comfortable for your player base…

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