C Kadilen and Bestat on Defense at same time?

Recently pulled Bestat. I already have C Kadilen, and I feel having both of them on raid/war defense would be really good.

Am I overthinking this? My other green options are Bertila, Kingston and Evelyn. My mono defense I envision as Papyros, C Kadilen, Khufu, Bestat and Frosth. Would any of these orher green heroes replace C Kadilen, or I go with my gut and use her and Bestat together?

They will overwrite each others dodge but that also means you may not rum out of dodge as often. I have seen similar defense teams they seem to work ok.

I also recently pulled bastet but will be removing my c.kad from defense probably put MN on when i have her maxed.

Went up against defences with at least 2 dodge irritants. Some had 3.

With an average board, there was some dodge going on constantly after 3rd turn. Attacker needs to bring own dodge or taunt or some other form of +Defence to hang in there, while slamming tiles.

Heroes that bypass won’t work. Russell does but he only hits 1.

Buff blockers are great if attacker has them, and can launch them in time.

Dispellers may not work unless they manage to bypass the dodge. Most times Not for me.

You can try stacking evil killing machines that will benefit from the extra time bought by using minimum 2 dodge heroes.

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