C-Drake Fong vs Dr. Moreau: Does the costume make Drake superior?

Just curious on everyones opinion on this. Prior to Drakes costume, Dr. Moreau had better stats, a better passive, and a blind that reset if healed, all of which made Dr. Moreau much better than Drake. Does the costume bring Drake to Dr. Moreau’s level, even with the direct damage being decreased to 240 from 270?

One is yellow and one is purple…they are comparable in special skills only. Here are mine. My Drake is limit broken, but no costume.

With the built in defense bonus, Drake has as a base 939 defense. Better than Dr Moreau on pure stats. Even close without limit breaking I think - at least on attack/defense. Moreau gets the Paladin defense boost and his passive really helps survivability as well. The good Dr probably edges out Drake overall, but for ME Drake is way more valuable because my yellow bench is weaker than my purple bench.

As for the 50% blind…good, but damage suffers quite a bit. I prefer the original Drake to the costume personally.


I am leaning that way as well. I dont have Dr. Moreau, unfortunately.

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