C. cat and the sandempire

Is there anybody else that is stoopid or desperate enough to use the cat in the sand empire event?

I have noticed that in the boss levels when I fire cats special now 13 out of 13 times the boss did not shuffle. As far as I noticed it only happend in the levels with 2 mobs and 1 boss.
The levels with 2 bosses I am not sure so I will need to check those again when having enough power to give it a try.

Am I the only one that is using the cat or more people noticing the same?

It is because the boss take a two points place, and the mobs is one point each, so if the mobs is the same character, we will not notice if both mobs actually sometimes switch the position. But not for the boss, because not the same point place. Thats what I mention, IMO.


Bosses can’t be shuffled with mobs:

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Clear and makes somewhat sense :).
So this does also imply I am not going mad yet!!! hooray


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