Bypass defensive buffs....debuffer + ranger bug?- Evelyn with a Pierce not removing Riposte

Sooo… I finally got Evelyn maxed and unlocked some ranger special powers. Fighting against reposte, I fired her and only one of the three heroes was debuffed? I checked their talents and could find no explanation, and no blind was in effect.

Not quite what I was hoping for :frowning:

Eek. That’s not ideal. Did all 3 take damage from Evelyn? Did Evelyn take riposte damage from all 3?

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Was Evelyn blinded?
Did they have Inari minions up?
Did you have WuKong active?
Are you sure neither evaded by skill?

I was taken by surprise and not paying enough attention. I’ll be taking screanshots next time! Eve died, and she was at high enough health that she would have survived the rebound from only one. I honestly didn’t notice how much damage they took, I didn’t realise what had happened until most of my squad was down and I realised 2 of them still had reposte. I am used to occasionally sacrificing Eve to reposte, so afer she fired I was kind of on auto pilot… teach me to pay attention!


None of the above :frowning:

Strange indeed, send a ticket :slight_smile:

I will if it happens again andI get screenshots!

I do the same, if I’m not excited about bringing Mel to a green-needing fight. So I totally get that. I was just hoping that info might help us diagnose.

OK so the reason I take Eve is because I normally kill the blighters before they fire :confused: But I did end up with an Elena as a last wing standing. Deliberately let her fire and then threw eve at her. Peirce activated and reposte was debuffed and Eve took no damage… I’m sure I wasn’t hallucinating before though :confused:

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I noticed that happening on Grimm for ex. but not on Athena, debuff was only on one character and the others werent rogues, surprisingly they all recived similar danage so could be a visual glitch

I’m wondering about the Pierce + Evelyn too. I usually fire her after ‘Pierce’ appears and she always receives damage from perfect riposte, usually dies.

Do I need to wait another turn after ‘Pierce’ appears to take advantage of it? Under talents it says ‘activates at the end of the turn’.

That “Pierce” is appearing to inform you that one of her tiles in a tile attack bypassed defensive buffs. It’s not telling you that the Pierce talent is generally active.

Each attack is a separate chance to roll for Pierce, which may or may not activate on that attack. So it sounds like you’re just tending not to have Pierce activate on the subsequent special attack. Unless you have the Pierce talent at a very high level, not Piercing is the expected outcome…

I think you must be confusing Pierce with a different talent. Pierce activates “when attacking.”


Thanks for your reply Garanwyn, that makes sense.

I’ve just done 6 raids against perfect riposte tanks and it confirms what you say.

She did actually manage to bypass the riposte with her special as well, resulting only in minor damage to herself (about 30HP).

had a similar issue in the raid tournament, where pierce did not bypass riposte. Chao hit Borril and he still took damage even though the pierce notification showed up.

I tried taking a screenshot but it was too late unfortunately… will have to try and video tomorrow

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