Bye Bye Empires and Puzzles

it is my turn to say goodbye to the game, I know that the developers and owners of the game do not listen to us, many people complained about why in Atlantis invocations heroes come out of season 1, why a hero that season 1 costs 300 gems in atlantis costs 350, why put dust and straw to make it more difficult to get good heroes, and yet they never did anything, I know that many people will come out to defend the current system but the reality is that as anchor said this very far from us. They have not given us nothing but miserable Christmas gifts and we have given them a lot. I’m not going to stay a minute longer to complain because I know that my words are going empty. See you on the other side with Anchor.

My last Pull btw.


27 pulls and nothing here aswell , not a single 5*

If this bothers you then just leave. Why ranting out.

If everyone was getting everything they want with as little effort as few pulls, the game would become pointless after a week.

I like that Atlantis gets you classic heroes as well because I do not pull anywhere else. So for me that is advantage.

While I’m not overly happy with my results — Lots of 3-stars, Agwe, Cochin, Melia (second copy) — it’s also to be expected with the published percentages. I really needed a 4-star purple. Cochin just ate all the trainers I was saving for him. Now when I do 3-4 of the stages and get another pull, I’ll definitely pull Proteus. :slight_smile:

I did get my 6th mystic rings for Marjana (who only needs 8 hidden blades and a whole lot of feeding now…)

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Bye! :wave:

20 Characters.

Wishing you lots of luck as you wave us goodbye.

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Worst pull 34 pulls .30 x 3* . 4 x 4*.
Who would not rage?
I see the video my heart ache!
That is why i stops spending even 1 cent!
And still enjoy the game!
Raid atlantis season 2 and get free pull from atlantis!
No feelings hurt.


Google Translation added by @zephyr1:

lol !!!I want to contact the developers of this game! Dear, if you can call the developers! Many players are not quite satisfied with the percentage of loss of Legendary heroes from the events. 1.3% is what is it? THIS ZERO is practically just an insignificant chance !!! For each call of Atlantis, I spend about 20 calls and I get 5 times MNESUS, WHAT !? What is the MNESUS !? What are you doing there? If you want the game to last longer then enter you 6 * heroes and let your worthless percentage of 1.3 shares be there. Because if you calculate it so that 1 legendary hero would fall out, you need to spend $ 300 THREE DOLLARS this is my salary!
And that is not the fact that it will fall out because there is no system of accumulating bonus percents !!! Nonsense! People spend time and money, and because of your greed, I won’t be surprised that online players will soon fall and your income will also decrease!

Original (Russian)

lol !!! Хочу обратиться к разработчикам данной игры! Уважаемые, если вас так можно назвать разработчики! Многие игроки весьма не довольны процентом выпадения Легендарных героев с событий. 1.3% это ЧТО такое вообще? ЭТО НОЛЬ практически просто ничтожный шанс!!! На Каждый призыв атлантиды я трачу около 20 призывов и мне выпадает по 5 раз МНЕЗУС, ЧТО!? Какой МНЕЗУС!? Вы что делаете там? Если вы хотите что бы игра длилась дольше то введите вы 6* героев и пусть уже там будет ваш никчемный процент в 1.3 доли. Потому что если так рассчитать что бы выпал 1 легендарный герой это надо потратить 300$ ТРИСТА ДОЛЛАРОВ это моя зарплата!
И то не факт что выпадет потому что нет системы накопления бонусных процентов!!! Чушь! Люди тратят время и деньги, а из-за вашей жадности я не удивлюсь, что вскоре онлаайн игроков снизится и ваш доход также!

Every game loses its luster after awhile, and it seems that has happened for you now.

Good luck in your future endeavors! :slightly_smiling_face:


People spend real money and they have all right to be pissed of

People spend money on gems, not on pulls. They decide to spend the gems on pulls. The odds of what you can pull are literally there staring at everyones faces. Nobody forces ANYONE playing this game to buy the gems. It’s all free otherwise. No “buy 1000 gems a month or account gets banned”.

If the odds bother you but you still pay and pay and pay, or if you are convinced that you are the special one who will have better odds than everyone else then you really need to rethink that and keep the hell away from the slot machines.


ty Zephyr for translate

Its not the odds that bother people. Its getting unlucky according to those odds that is frustrating, annoying, etc. Makes you feel ripped off. Perhaps you have not done a big 30 pull and gotten zero legendaries yet and have not felt the pain.

When you have an 80% chance of getting a legendary (doing 40+ pulls) and you don’t get one its pretty understandable why people get frustrated. 4 out of 5 times they should’ve gotten at least one legendary.

Oh I did that. 60 pulls and nothing. I just know my place and know what odds mean.

Somehow people don’t argue with the odds when they get a legendary with a single pull or two. And that is less possible than not pulling a legendary with 30 pulls.


Yeah most of us know the odds. Doesn’t make getting really unlucky any less bitter or frustrating especially when you’ve spent a lot of hard earned money just to get unlucky.

Just let the people vent, you don’t have to point the odds in their face. They want to express frustration and be heard. It sucks to get unlucky even if you know the odds. Having an emotional reaction is a very human response. Pointing out exactly how unlucky or lucky someone got isn’t really the point. Coping with the frustration and anger is the point. Some people choose to rage pull in response, some people rage quit, some people quit spending money. Some people want to vent on the message board. I can understand all of it.


Well sayed finaly someone understand :grinning:

That is as if someone was vandalizing a bus stop nearby and you were asking to just let it go because they have every right to be frustrated at life and public service. I prefer to be a voice of reason. Plus I am not against being sad or disappointed about bad luck, I do express that myself also sometime. I am against trying to build a “rip-off-cheating-game” ideology around it, and make someone sorry because they quit, as if anyone was forcing anyone to waste their money on a mobile game.


And I’m sorry but I’m backing up @Suicide_Bunny. This has become a redundant topic. Forget odds. Forget the venting. It’s a game and if ur in a bad run u need to walk away. Guaranteed if I were at a table and the dealer kept knocking ur 19s off over and over with 20s u wouldn’t keep playing that table. Plus this game is not cheating anyone. They r providing statistics that have been tested over and over again. Key word. STATISTICS. Not math. Stats have built in flexibility to cover everything from going 1 for 1 and getting a legendary and then walking away to going 0 for 50,000 and getting all Rares. Sorry but that’s the absolute ottoman line. Sorry ur leaving but just don’t go out bitter. If u wanna vent cool but don’t accuse the game of cheating. Also great analogy on the vandalism.


Not sure this is a good analogy. Perhaps a better one would be if a person was sitting at the bus stop ranting and raving. You would have a choice of:

a) avoiding him
b) try to listen to what he was actually saying and try to offer useful advice;
c) commiserate with him and tell him your own sad story
d) engage in a heated verbal battle with him.


If it’s a logical discussion than sure. But it always turns out the same. Players wishing the developers failure don’t bode well by me. I would wish that right now I did a 10 pull and hit on all 10. I try and b positive but it’s such an over run topic. And honestly I can tell u having a ton of legendary heros ain’t all it’s cracked out to b. Try maxing a squad with 7 or more 5* heros and heaven forbid u have multiples in the same come and u will wanna pull ur hair out cause they will sit at 3/70 for a long time. The developers provide statistical data in the form of percentages. And again. I’m not trying to sound like I don’t understand how u could b frustrated but stats r just that. They’re not concrete data and neve mr will b. There’s a number they could actually put up there that would b mathematically correct but A) 1% of most humans could wrap their mind around it and B) no one would ever pull! And just for fun to guarantee that u will obtain a duplicated result or and specific outcome from chance pulls u would have to do 10^91 pills for a lrgendary to absolutely guarantee that u will get one. That’s math. That’s also a number that the human brain can barely comprehend. I’m sorry if it felt like I was piling on. But these folks who design this game and actually talk to us in the forums shouldn’t b wished failure or called cheats. That just gets to me. But again I am sorry for how u feel and hope just some time away will help u cool down and u will b back. Best to u and I’m not being a smart ■■■. I mean it.


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