📯 By-Ulf – New Season 3 Hero – 3* Nature/Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Yes it does. I just run some tests and you can postpone negative effects by firing the skill before negatives start. You cannot, however, turn negative effects back to positive by firing the skill again if negative ones are already running.


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It’s even better to fire Gato before By-Ulf, this way the ailment will not happen :wink:


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Actually it’s better to fire Gato before Ulfs good turns run out not before his cast at all.


When the negative effects are active, what happens when I recast his special since the negative effects can not be dispelled?

You get the HoT but not the other boosts. They remain negative.

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This guy at tank in the buff booster 3* tourny missing red heros. That’s SO his wheelhouse.

So, is By-Ulf a Hero worth levelling?
I even got a duplicate…

I got almost every S1/S2/S3 3* Hero, and I’m, not sure if he’s worth it?

I levelled mine and anticipate that he will feature heavily in the current 3* Buff Booster Tournament (and many future ones too)

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Theres a few things on the table.
Alot of people are stat geeking in true rotisserie baseball fashion. His benefits are 4 star level, even 5 star. The price he pays isnt “suicide” as many seem to wanna call it. The only dire consequence is the defense down. Losing some offense for a few turns? Hes not a sniper, losing 30% of tiles slows your attack but it isnt gonna swing the fact that his flankers got buffed and healed and protected.

It DEFINITELY helps to have GATO on his 3 star team. Like in a HUGE way. Hes still very serviceable without Gato. But he becomes really mean if he doesnt have to pay for his boosts with the 4 turns of punishment.

He is not my favorite hero. But I placed him at tank with a gato that wasnt fully levelled but close (level 3-29 I think?) and no emblems on either. As a matter of fact his whole team was under full but HE was full.

Finished top 1% and lost 2 battles total.

Yeah…in the right circumstance he is very viable.


I pulled him twice & not sure what to think yet other than why the negative effects on himself? :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think after using him in the BB tourny and he really kicked ■■■ with a gato flanker…

YES, 1 is worth levelling, especially IF you have no stable of 1-1 green 4s or 5s and the ascension mats to finish them just sitting there. I levelled him in a week BECAUSE I have a stable of green 5s, as in 7 or 8 at 1-1, and ZERO potions. If I ran a funeral home, people would stop dying…
So in MY case, using green fodder on him was not a major distraction from more important work. And hes a 3 star? Not like it takes a month or rare mats to finish him???
If you have a Gato by chance…its a no brainer. Gato at his flank, your hardest hitter at the other flank…and then more fast ends…and you will have a serious advantage. I know because I tested it.

If you DONT have gato,and you ARENT in a buff boost tournament. Sigh…Yes hes useful. When he fires, 2 of your heroes beside him get ludicrous level (for 3 star) boosts and heals. And alot of the logic people use on his penalty turns really isnt the death knell they make it out to be (yes I tested this for 20 battles). EVEN if Gato doesnt flank (or in my case didnt charge fast enough to shoot), hes not bleeding. The enemy still has to kill him, and hes likely at full health because he just finished a BIG HoT to start the curse. Id say that happened 15 or 20 times, and maybe 4 did he die. The others, by the end of the 4th turn, he was still alive, usually charged up…and then fired and healed himself and his buddies.

He is not fast. Thats the biggest headache. Speed kills, and he does not have it. But he isnt Boss wolf or G Owl either…where they likely as not NEVER live to fire.

I wouldnt spend limited RSS on him. But he is neat. and the survivability he gives to his flankers is game changing. During his HOT you have possibly your 2 most powerful 3 star snipers buffed to jupiter, They become one shot killers which no 3 star heroes are.

In a bloody battle…yeah…a little less fun to have a heal over time specialist. though the buffs still would be nice if he lives to use em. neither is good enough without the healing to make him anywhere close to buff battle scale tipper he is.

Hes a situational hero that is very very good in his best situation, and instant doom in the wrong situation.
But you can say that about 90% the heroes in the game. There are times, they must stay off the field no matter how good they are other times (titans with elemental reflect, if you dont make the adjustment,you pay!)


Leveling my copy of him right now. I thought him weaker but now like him better.

Some thougths:

You could do double-flank By-Ulf and put Gato in the middle so he can protect both of them. Then the whole team will profit by his buffs.

You should pair him with Ei-Dunn as they share a family bonus…and she will hit harder with the help of the attack buff.

The heal over time is useful for the Valhalla boni “on low health”. Instant heal would remove the working boni immediately. With heal over time the boni trigger/are still active one round before the heal triggers.

How to handle his self-curse:

  • charge him again within 4 rounds before negative status takes place…that will delay the negative
  • use Gato to either block the curse before going active or block the curse forecast by firing Gato before By-Ulf
  • use Tyrum costume/Gil-Ra to cleanse the curse forecast

Happy killing


So would you go attack or defense with his emblems? I know I’d go attack with Ei-Dunn but I’m not sure whether or not to do the same with By-Ulf, both being paladins…if that makes a difference. :thinking:

The class doesn’t make for the difference par se…the skill does.

Ask yourself: Does the hero hit with his special? Ei-Dunn : yes, By-Ulf : no …this almost answers the question. By-Ulf doesn’t need attack value that much…you want him to live long. Then it is clear, isn’t it?

You need to figure out the purpose of a hero. Your are still learning. :wink:

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I have gato so I’m thinking about levelling him. But i also have Bush bears, which i like a lot as tank.

Any comments on replacing Bush Bear or even use them together?

I’m wondering this too! Actually came here to ask

Both look like really good tabks but can they both be used in the same defense effectively?

I think Bush bear still beeing superior as tank (don’t have the bear).
Both work as tank or flank.
In a 3* Buff Booster no reds it really makes sense using them together.
I can think of Bushy beeing tank guarded by double By-Ulf flank. Double Mnesseus wing. Really don’t wanna encounter this team. :grimacing: :astonished:

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from a healer point of view, Ulf, Grevle or Belith

Costume Belith is fantastic.

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