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There is a freezed up number in the amount of world energy flasks that I’m purchasing. When I want to buy a world energy flask for 100 gems, and I tap on it to do so, the amount of flasks previously purchased is stuck on 42. I’ve bought 5 flasks this week and the number 42 doesn’t change. ??

You can‘t buy single flasks. The offer for 100 gems refills your Worldenergy instantly. You do not receive a flask for the 100 gems!


When you get a world energy in any reward or in loot it comes to you in a flask. So I worded it that way.

Besides, that has nothing to do with what I am talking about. Its the counter that is stuck on 42 and does not increase when I spend 100 gems on world energy.

Picky about words!

Please post a screenshot of what you are reffering to so we can be sure that we are on the same page.

Do you mean you have 42 World Energy flasks?
Do you mean you have 42 max world energy?

I am also not sure and have similar question as @Mananabas.
Are you aware of, that the buy just filles up your energy and does not give you flask? Maybe I am wrong but just found the possibility to refill your energy but not to buy any flasks. Do I miss something?
I got in shop “Features”-> no flasks
“Gems”->no flasks for sure
“Resoures”-> only Option to refill world energy but no flasks
“Battle Items”->no flasks

So as I somehow missed the point interpreting words wrongly…? Let‘s talk in pictures maybe and find the problem.

Here you can see flasks in my inventory. Sadly I have no Worldenergyflask but for illustration the other bottles should be fine. Are you talking that the number there doesn‘t increase? Then my former answer was the solution.

Are you talking about your WE capacity (22/30)? Then this has nothing to do with flasks - it‘s simply your max storage. And you can fill this storage by spending 100 gems. But you can not increase it with gems - it increases just with leveling!

Hope this helps

You cannot buy Flasks for 100 Gems.

For 100 Gems you can instantly replenish your World Energy. And the game shout have that option Grey if you are already at Full World Energy.

In short - you got confused. You do not buy flasks. Flask come only as rewards.

When you go to the spot to buy world energy for 100 gems, after your puchase, a counter appears with the number of world energy’s that you have previously bought. My counter was stuck on 42. Someone must have done something because the counter has increased by 1, and now it is stuck on 43. Every timecI buy another world energy for 100 gems, the counter is supposed to show that you bought another world energy by increasing the number by 1. The counter in my game doesn’t increase, it stays the same, no matter how many world energy’s I buy.

The counter you are talking about only shows your current max world energy/amount of flags you will have after purchase, which I guess, coincidentally is 42 (EDIT: 43 - did you just level up recently?) at your current level.

You’re still not understanding me. But I may have just received a revelation.

The next time you buy another world energy, a number will come up that is, (in my case, the number is 43x), when you send the gems. Is that number the same as the amount of world energy that is on the main screen next to your avatar?

Because, I have always thought that the number with the “multiplier (x) next to it,” was the number that is supposed to show how many times I have bought world energy? Because it seems to me that when I first started buying world energy’s, the number with the multiplication sign next to it increased every time I bought another world energy.

Another topic akin to this subject, is a few others have called me wrong when I said that world energy comes in a flask. But if I may, when anyone is given a world energy from the game, it comes to them in the form of a flask. And they can be stored in your inventory as a flask. So when I said about buying a “flask of world energy” at least 3 people got in my face about being wrong. You will find these in the forum. I know that they are wrong, but I highly doubt I will receive an apology.

Thanks for taking the time to email me about this. It is a much calmer way of communicating.


When you receive a world energy from the game for free, as a reward, it comes to you in the form of a flask, and is stored in your inventory.

So when I was talking about buying world energy for 100 gems, I naturally called it a flask.

You and your buddies who have loved putting me down for my words, need to go to your inventories and if you have at least one world energy in there, you will stand to be corrected in admitting that world energy is stored in a flask, and I would like an apology on forum. If it’s not too much trouble.


Haha apology for what? For explaining what the “counter” really is? For me it shows x38 which is equal to my current max world energy.


First of all, nobody here is my buddy, I just wanted to clear the obvious misunderstatding, and a simple thank you would be enough :slight_smile: And they are not wrong about the flask thing, flasks are stored in your inventory and you can use them when you want. When you buy energy refill you get it refilled instantly, you don’t get a flask to use it later.

I wasn’t expecting you to give an apology, you didn’t say anything offensive.

I didn’t say anything about buying a flask to store it.

Just stating the fact that when given a world energy from the game, it comes in a flask.

When you level up the game gives you energy but not flasks.

The confusion here is that flasks don’t get used at once you receive them, unlike what happens when you buy the energy from the store.

Buying energy from the store is similar to leveling up. It fills your energy to your energy cap, it does not give a flask to your invertory. Same exact mechanic is in the level ups, your energy just fills up, no flasks involved. This is why people mentioned about it, because energy refill is not the same thing as a flask.

Hello Gideon,

I cannot understand why you are so upset and want us to apologise. We just want to help you and without sharing some Screen shots this is very hard. Also from my point of view the number is not how often you bought the refill but is shows the max of your energy. So the Counter will only increase then you Level-up and get a new max of world energy.

Also the text in the shop clearly states “refill” and “replenished” and not “get a flask”.

You also said in your first post “when I want to buy a worls energy flask” and “I’ve bought 5 flasks this week…”. So don’t blame us when we tell you that you cannot buy any flask at the shop.

Otherwise share some pictures please…


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