Buying things

What do you recommend for buying things? I was using Google play, but they kind of screwed me. I’m definitely interested in Halloween offer.

I don’t think there is another option unless you want to move to an Apple device. Then you could use the Apple store…


What about prepaid debit cards? Maybe that PayPal? There has to be other options. We shouldn’t have to me at the mercy of Google.

You can use PAYPAL…Pre paids will also work

It looks like PayPal and Verizon wireless billing are both options for my Android

This is why you should always use Paypal through google and any online payment option really, you are protected, have more control over your payment should anything happen, you can add multiple payment options all in one and all your details are secure.

I always prefer pre-paid cards also to keep an eye on the amount I spend for a “free” game. It hurts me more to buy a card cash at a real shop than to click a button on my phone. I just use money for one of my two account and then only for VIP and now and then the Gems offer for a few bugs (only if I got enough money on card). Works quite well for me.

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I’ll try to find something cause I want in on that one Halloween deal