Buying single offers twice

Would buying an offer twice, that is maxed at 1 per account, be considered a bug? i managed to do that during underwild event

It probably would best thing to do is contact customer support in game. I’d be careful about using any of the items from the second purchase incase it gets reversed

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No sweat, i discussed with support and they confirmed that both purchases are good. I just wondered about it and if others had this.

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Oooh which offer was this ? The $44.98 offer ?

As long as you are fine with both purchases, and you weren’t shortchanged on the items purchased, and Zynga/SGG didn’t send you a message that they need to recall that second purchase, all is well.

Congrats on getting that second purchase in!

Hasn’t happened to me yet. Lol

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Got another message saying they were ok with it and aprovef the 2nd purchase manually. Im not unhappy with their approach:)


Strange solution :thinking: in my case i got the money back, as it was limited to just 1

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