Buying rare items for ascend

It would be AWESOMENESS if E&P would have a store to purchase all needed ascend items for heroes . Like if I needed 5 mystic potions the store would have them for sell at a set gem price . Those that refuse to buy can wait to win them as loot . It is a fantastic idea that would benefit both company and players . Please please please consider :thinking:this . Like if you who read this agree . Please and thank you soooo much .:hugs:


So all the pay-to-win people would jump to the top, all the light- or no-spend accounts would continue to struggle on. Is that what you’re asking for? It would ruin the game.


I agree with the previous response. I’m pretty sure that would make this a one sided game.
If there were a side game that could be played once a day with an ADDED chance to win rare ascension items (available to all) that might be a bit more equitable?

ALSO, there are some opportunities from the developers to purchase some rare ascension items from time to time…“limited time offers”

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Well I have 5 5* heroes only ascended once ans need 13 items to assend them? The items shouldn’t be thos hard to find or take so long.

Why? It’s what everyone else has done.

This is a game that plays out over months, not weeks.

I have often repeated the advice to focus on building an excellent 4* team, then seed in 5* heroes as you get the mats. There are excellent 4* heroes that I still use daily, even though I have a solid 5* bench as well.


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