Buying materials


Today I bought a material pack in the store.
I bought the one that’s 250 diamants. The pack says that it will contain at least 2 times the shown materials, but after I bought it i only got a few materials. It was not even close to the materials that where shown. If i knew i would have a chance of getting the materials I never would have bought the package. Maybe someone from the game Can contact me to solve this issue.

I'm less angry now, but this still needs fixed

You get two items that are random from that list. Not two of each thing.


Lol, I know now, but that’s not what the advertisement says. It says:” contains at least 2 of”
So I think it’s a little misleading


Good point!

If the translation means anything other than “Get at least 2 of the following”, then its a translation bug.

What would be a better translstion for it in Dutch?

Is this google translate message gramatically correct?

“Krijg minstens 2 van de volgende”



I think a better translation would be:

Kan 2 van de getoonde materialen bevatten.

If it says: krijg minstens 2 van de volgende
People can still think that they get at least 2 of the shown items, instead of having a chance to get them. If u say: could contain 2 of the shown material, people know they have a chance of getting the items instead of getting at least 2 of the shown items :grin:.

Hope u understand what i’m saying, always a little difficult to write it in English when you are Dutch.

Grt Grobbel

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


Understand completely! Good to bring these kind of quick-fix issues up :slight_smile:

Is there a centralized place for translation bugs? I know translations are a pain in the smurf to deal with, so maybe this is a good thing to crowd source?
Like tossing up an excell doc with the localized strings and open up for player review.

Its not the sexiest idea, but it might get the community even more involved haha!