Buying Hero's


This post has been deleted because around 20 people on here don’t understand what my point was yet over 18 thousand people on Facebook totally agree with me and also on twitter. I also have 72 people on the games news feed that have agreed with me.


My sincere apologies

Buddy you got a 5 star in seven pulls

I’m on 13 and I got 13 3 stars


Yes but my point is, when people are buying gems then you want what you pay for. You surely must have expected to get 5 star hero’s from your purchase.


Everyone knows you get a chance at 5s. There are even 3s in the carousel so you should have realized


I don’t think you understand how games like this work.


I think you are all missing the point. As for not knowing how this game works better than you obviously.


If guaranteed 5 stars where 300 gems EVERYONE would have them and the other heroes would be irrelevant


The whole economy of a game like this is based on the random nature, e.g. gambling, and the fact that there is a small but real chance of getting the best “whatever” (hero, item, etc). Additionally there are plenty of levels of spending for all. The entire psychology of why games are designed like this stem from the profitability and design of casino games (e.g. get them hooked cheaply at low levels and cost progressively more to get the “best rewards”). There is a reason economically that a majority of mobile games’ economic model is F2P wit in-app purchase, rather than a fixed cost purchase.

That’s what I meant by you “not understanding how this game works”. You said in your first post that it was “broken”. Broken implies that it’s not working as designed, and I assure you it is working as designed.

If you don’t think it’s fair, you shouldn’t play. Same as going to a casino and playing a game where you know the odds are stacked against you. But neither casino’s nor SGG are going to change an economic model that is working.


Not true because a lot of people won’t spend money for in app purchases. Also I said 400 gems and only for people who have used money. There are lots of people who are not happy with the way that the legendary hero’s come out. I got 2 of the same hero at the same time as purchase and that’s wrong. I don’t mind getting different ones. My point is mainly when people buy gems they expect to get better hero’s than you can get in the daily summon but that isn’t guaranteed and it should be.


The only reason I added broken is only because every other word I could’ve used had been used already. I’ve completed this game once at stronghold level 20 and my hero’s where nearly max and then my phone broke and I can’t get that game back. Gutted.


I’m not understanding your point here. The daily summon is primarily 1 and 2 star, with the occasional 3 star. That’s vastly different from mostly 3s, some 4s here and there, and the small chance at a 5.

Also when doing the 10x elemental pull, if you were to guarantee no duplicates, with only 12-15 3* and up regular heroes in each color, you’re essentially guaranteeing almost every hero with 5 (one for each color) 10x pulls (e.g. for $99.99 in gems). That’s just way less than what people are spending now.

Sure a lot of people won’t spend money on an in-app purchase. But a lot will. And a lot will spend a lot of money (relative to a $5 or $10 game one-time purchase).

@Rook can we just merge all the “hero spend/gem spends aren’t fair” threads from both general and ideas into one master gripe thread. It gets a bit cluttered with all of them.


I understand started point… Usually when spend money people expect to Get something extra example better Heroes, and then You dont expect that you Get Heroes what You already have Or Heroes what You can get Via Daily summons. I havent Been lucky either and yes that brothers me i admit that.
Also l am tried buy “better” heroes and got those what l already have.
Feels kinda cheated, but My point IS that when people spend money they expect to Get something extra at that money and now many dont Get its like a lottery now, but in !ottery You have better changes to win something.


The complaint is: “When I spend x money, I expect a 5*…”

Is that accurate?


Technically you spent money on gems
And you chose to spend those gems on the hero lottery.


Only a small part of players pay for this game. That is why we need to pay much more to compensate for the freeplayers. The chances to get 5* heroes is low, so we need to spend more. Simply business.


Based on my experience to get the hero of the month you need to spend ~$100-200
Make a store where you can buy the old heroes of the month for money, not for gems and put the cost - $100 per 5* hero


you can’t have a guaranteed 5*. if you did, everyone would have them and nothing else would be worth anything.
free players can still earn gems, slower sure, but they’d still catch up or they’d quit.
if free players quit then its just a bunch of people throwing money to outspend the next guy. sounds great, but quickly no one would play anymore.

random chance is the only way to keep the game viable over time, otherwise the game quickly becomes “my dollars vs your dollars” and that is a boring ■■■ game


Lol, if you spend again you suddently turn to be happy of this pull.


Deleted since you all don’t see the point.


…the odds are not weighted equally among all the heroes. You would only think they were weighted equally if you’ve never played a game like this before. Or if you’ve played a game like magic the gathering, or pokemon, or any other game with a rarity system.

You don’t have to like it, but if your expectations are that the heroes are all weighted equally, then that is a fairly naive expectation and you’re going to be disappointed with a lot of competitive games.