Buying Heros to get monthly Hero

Hi everyone, i wanted to know how the lottery for the monthly Hero works. I mean… If i buy a 300 gems hero invocation, i got a chance to win the monthly Hero, but if i buy a 2600 gems hero invocation (10 Heroes), i Will get x10 the possibility to win the monthly Hero? And what is the percentage of winning it in each invocation?

Sorry for my bad english.

Percent to getting a 5 star is 4%

So good luck, there are people who did 5 x10 and did not get anything

I strongly suspect the rate for the HOTM is well higher than the typical 5* rate just based on the number of people that pull them vs. any other 5*.

What it is precisely I don’t know, I think it might even be 10%, or could just be flawed statistics on my part since it’s on a completely separate roll table anyway.


And yes, a 10 pull gives you 10 chances

Gives you 10 chances but it’s not going to be like

1st pull 5% chance 2nd 10% 3rd 15% and so on

There are examples of people getting two HotM in one 10x, always posted at the end of the pulls. So it’s ten separate draws with equal chances.

Thank you all to help me solving my doubts.

For as long as I have been playing I had never got the hotm bonus… then last month I got 2 … also on the top left corner there is an i tab you can press to see the % of all the types of pulls

Don’t think it matters what information is put up about pulls for the hotm is all rubbish took over 50 to get seshat and up to know well over 60 and still no miki and yet I know of at least one person with 20 pulls they have 6 of them so odds can’t be same for every player

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