Buying Gems with Ham or Iron

Being able to buy gems with ham, iron, or a combination of both. Even if it is a completely unfair exchange rate, it would complete the circle of the three “currencies”.

Right now it’s like going international, using your US Dollars to get European Euros and when it’s time to exchange Euros back to Dollars they say that’s not possible.

Again, even if it’s completely unfair exchange rate. Right now 2174 gems buys me 1335000 ham (roughly 1600 ham per gem). The game should have the option to get 1 gem for maybe 100,000 ham (or even more) just to complete currency circle. The example would be 98% loss of ham for gems, but it still gives the players the option and would ease the growing feeling of this game making it more and more about spending money on it to be successful.

What do you guys think?

Not going to hapens they only take care about money

be nice to do something with my max iron …but its the $$$ only with this game for sure.
Id be happy to exchange iron for food at a 3 to 1 or something.

Yea, I have to agree with others on that one, ultimately this is a program designed to make money for the company. And since it does have the ability to play for free, but what i would come off the wallet for would be practice swords and adventure kits in great bulk. Aggravating to keep playing level 5 to get these items to create heros. They could sell packs of 50 or something. Just a thought.

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