Buying fighting refills suggestion

Hi all.

I’m fairly new to this game but as I’m increasing in levels and it’s costing these totally rediculous amounts of food and iron to upgrade and the these outragous times on building completions that this game is fast becoming very boring and then you get these continuously rising amounts (what to call them) accumulated points before you can fight again so you have to leave the game.

One thing i do know is when I feel like playing a game the last thing want to find is that the game is forcing me to stop playing because I done have points for a battle.

So what if we where able to buy attact refills to be able to keep fighting.

Look at the benefits as players get to stay on the game longer.

And just to make it more interesting you could even divide the buying options up as something like this.
So many Diamonds for level battles and so many gold cups for challenge battles.

Just a suggestion boys.

You already can refill your world energy for 100 gems. I wouldn’t recommend doing that however; gems are better spent on hero summons. This game is meant to be slow paced, with meaningful advancement parking place over months, not days or weeks.

Well there you go I didn’t even know that. Cheers

…and it is getting better when you climbing up the Levels. then your world energy flags increase :grinning:

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