Buying Emblems will kill this game


Funny, about 3 months ago, I promised my alliance a comprehensive guide. How arrogant was that!?


A comprehensive guide to the whole game? That would be impressive.


Yeah, it was readily apparent that was bathing in futality.


How is this any different than buying ascension mats, buying troops or pulling for heroes? I think there are those that spent the time and energy to max their 5* roster and are just upset that they need to buy more things. Even with the 10 x 2 for 350 gems is actually cheaper than gem WE or raid flasking to fill their chests for emblems.

It takes 1,250 emblems to fully max a talent of a 5* hero. That’s 125 pulls @ 350 gems (mind you it levels 2 talents). 350 gems x 125 pulls = 43,750 gems (21,875 per talent) to take a level 0 to 20. That’s not including the quests and daily chest and VIP fills. I account 2,500 gems reduction for this. So, it should cost 19,375 gems to take a level 0 to 20, roughly $200. How many of you have spent $200+ chasing a rare hero? I think a level 20 talent 5* is much stronger than any rare 5* hero.

Just my 2¢


Once in awhile I see someone post on the forums their own guide or assessments of various features. I try not to spin my wheels too much, or invent new wheels.

I collect links from all the people who make links.
The new WIKI is good, Coppersky’s guide is good, the 7dd gaming site is good… asking questions on the forum is mediocre but passable. If I don’t know something I usually review the forum or talk to my alliance mates.
Honestly that’s my favorite option to relate to people, to find a good alliance and just talk it out.


That’s actually the point people make. purchasing ascension materials is ALSO a problem for the game.

These people that have purchased the ascension mat deals, and those in the top tiers already have dozens (yes, dozens) of already-maxed 5*. So, at the minor cost it would be to boost these 5* to 6* levels? I doubt your assessment that they would get mad and walk away.

It’s not the 350 gem deals that are the problem, it is the other deals that are coming.


There would probably be deals on gems during those plays. We’ve seen that before. We should expect them to be smart enough to provide offers that are appealing enough for players to buy (400% - 500% value or less than $10), not to drive them away. And as we’ve already seen, these deals are not new. So I think it’s just the matter of different content (like those seasonal everyday-for-2-week deals), not something too significant to get anxious about. Well, I could be wrong.


Being that they said they WOULD NOT be offering emblem packs for sale. This is a kick on the teeth to those of us that cannot or will not pay to win. Gap just got bigger. Way to go.


I’m not understanding why anybody cares. “Whales” buy everything and let them. They are most likely seeking out top guilds and they don’t really affect you on a daily basis. To win events you must buy WE, mats and invest countless hours of your time… do or don’t but I guarantee that only includes maybe 5% of the gamers. Throughout everyone’s playing experience your always fighting the better to improve, always leveling but most important is your competing at your level; titans, raids and AW ( matching systems broken but in theory). We all get there with emblems for our main five the whales will have a lot more… who cares it’s the way it is now.


@dator what do you think?


Prolly not gonna appreciate it.


How do they NOT affect me? I have to raid against them, I have to TRY to compete against them in events.


I remember reading back when emblems first came out that if they started selling them many of the top players would quit. Been waiting all day for the drama


Everyone knew they were gonna be available for purchase. How many for how much, and when, were the questions.


But it was a big deal in here for a day. Top players stating that if they were sold in the shop or any pay offers they would immediately quit. I guess they have a change of heart now. Saw the offer this morning and was like cool, some forum drama is coming


I think quitting is jumpin the gun personally

Hopefully they give things some time to shake out and see how things go


that whole thread was pretty funny.



How is it effecting you? The only thing it effects is a persons ego of not being the best. Go watch you tube and see all the “all stars” and their line ups pick and choose from the numerous maxed cards to personally screw over a certain Defense ran by a half baked computer… cool. Then say wow and play the game it’s fun…


It’s not a big deal. If you are worried about raiding them just hit the skip button. Problem solved.