Buying Emblems will kill this game


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Kerridoc’s post:

The first Store offer for emblems rolled around for me today. At $1/100 gems, it implies a cost of sbout $270 to fully class-up a 5* hero. Of course I cant just buy 1500 emblems at once; this is just another trickle to the other sources. But it does show another path for P2W. I am saddened but not surprised.


I am a spender and do not like the idea of selling emblems for gems. 350 is not much, it is what I save by doing 10x instead of 10 single pulls.

In my opinion, of this is an occasional offer with different class emblems available then so be it. If we are going to get 2 offers like that per week, I wouldn’t like it much. I enjoy the idea of slow and aligned progress. If there are more ways to earn emblems addes, I’d prefer them not to be hidden behind paywall (or gemwall, which ia basically same thing in this game).


20 chars


Yes indeed.

The intention of collecting group data was to understand drop rates for the random sources like chests and rare titans. Trying to track frequency (and type) of store offers would be a whole 'nother kettle of fish.


Don’t worry about P2W players, they fund the game. As F2P or even C2P you don’t have a hope in events anyways, as even the P2W players with all the best champs still need to pay on top of that to win the events (world energy refills). But it doesn’t matter, be happy with the gaurenteed loot from those events. You will never have to fight those P2W players anyways, there are plenty of F2P players in the gold/plat/lower diamond cup range and they form likely the largest fraction of the player base. Likely the same in war aside from the odd P2W in a lower tier alliance to play with friends. The game is well designed to make you think - if I were just a bit more powerful I could win that awesome loot from event … maybe I should spend on just a few rolls… #notworth


I also see this ruining the game in the long run.


Frankly I thought the emblem price was going to be higher. Right now you can buy 20 emblems. Hope they have the throttle on this.


:champagne: Woohoo! :clinking_glasses: We did it! :tada: We set a new recor-… wait, what? A near-record? What the heck is a near-record? Is that like nearly winning?

Put the corks back in the champagne. We haven’t scaled our Everest just yet.


I have a different opinion on this. Frankly, I see it as a way for players who cannot complete the 3rd tier of class challenges a way to supplement their emblems for a moderate cost. Many probably spent gems continuing to try and beat it. It would be one thing if this offer was persistently available but if it’s biweekly or monthly, I see this as a positive.

The vocal minority here wants to be elite but either can not afford gems or choose not to purchase them. They seek out any new content and frame it as catastrophic because they fear having the carrot they seek move further. The variance the game imposes greatly surpasses any tiny incremental benefit these emblems afford.

For the population at large, the alternate method of advancement is a boon. Is it the most economic use of resources? Perhaps not, but when Jimmy needs a few extra emblems to get another tick on his talent grid, he’ll be delighted to have the option of picking one of these up.


Price is too high. C2P. Its not many emblems. Wont really tip scales.


■■■ are these prices lol?? :joy:

That’s honestly disgusting


That sounds rather elitist, funny enough.

Again, it’s not about who can and can’t. It’s the fact that it’s an option at all.


I’m sorry, but that is a crime. Drink it now.

(my dear old parents had a fantastic fancy champagne cork clip-thing. Didn’t work. Moral of the story, always drink your champagne today!)

But honestly, the emblems could have been one thing we’d all have to work for (and wrangle with RNG over). It could have been one little thing that was kept as a reward for playing. The trials were a great idea. Adding them to completion rewards of the wonderland event was a great idea. They could have made them a flat number from war chests and elemental chests, reward perseverance.

As it is they’re expensive. The only people that will buy them are the ones that already spend big bucks every month, they’re already ahead. Will it affect me in any way? Unlikely, but I guess it could add to the monthly expenses of the folks at the top, if they’re determined to stay at the top.


However Klint, you make a fair point.

Maybe I did ring the bell too soon, but this is how it starts. And I’m not ringing it for myself, but for the whole town.


I think the point being made, as I understand it, is that moving target you alluded to earlier. The appeal of this game is that there is a goal, you can achieve it by farming and grinding, or a lot of luck, or money, or a combination. That, I believe, are agreed upon by most people on this forum.

What this new structure does, is create another moving target to reach the goal. It is another shortcut to get there. However, the variance you mention will again make the journey longer for F2P and C2P players. Which, I understand has been the trend and it’s the business model SG is going for.

What I am worried about, is not just this one isolated change. But when you look at the aggregate, a pattern emerges that benefits P2W players over and over. Compounded over time and with more structures (summons, buying mats, WE flags in monthly events, etc) in their favor, the moving target will be more unattainable for all other players. It could be the proverbial straw that breaks the “fair competition” facade this game is predicated on.

So no, this alone might not break the game. But it is one in a series of moves that will lead to a further imbalance. There will be a tipping point.

Have we crossed it? If not, how close are we to this Rubicon?


If you want to buy emblems with gems, with those prices you’re safer with just speeding up monster/raid chest recharge. This will cost you like 1-10 gems, and give 0-2 emblems. You will also speed up your elemental chest, which can give you even more emblems and lots of gems.


Sometimes being real can be misconstrued as elitist. Let’s examine facts:

  • Being the “best” in this game requires significant financial investment
  • Spending class emblems makes your roster better
  • Players can now invest resources to acquire class emblems at a fixed, but unknown rate
  • Players who purchase every available emblem offer may have an advantage over those who don’t

You can apply these facts to any new hero or content that’s made available here. The greatest spenders will always exploit every advantage they can.

Let’s remember though, the variance in war chest emblem drops is far greater than this offer. Some people get 10 some get 50. Given the sample size is so small (what maybe 10 war chests a year) this will create far greater disparity in emblem progression than these offers. Reasonable people would consider the data and understand this. People who’s minds are clouded by fear of missing out do not. Most people will just file these away as another store offer that’s a waste of resources.


Set your expectations accordingly and never be disappointed. I can understand long time players who feel like the money sinks become too overwhelming to keep up. I don’t think we’re there yet though. So long as participation in content isn’t pay gated I see no reason to raise the alarm. Let’s not blend the other new feature into this offer conversation though. I feel like this offer does more good than bad, so I’ll campaign for it given the right constraints. I won’t purchase it though.


In keeping with the OP…

Regardless of what the OP has posted previously…

E&P does not have 6* but now they have effectively given us a method to “build your own 6*” out of spare parts. Or ascend your 4* army to be a 5* army etc.

Scarcity is GREAT. The principle theme of any economic scheme. If E&P never offered official dollar-for-emblem deals, people would still squeal but there would be fairness (more or less).

However, the scarcity is dimmed somewhat when you add 350 gem emblem deals. 10 gems is a lot when you consider all of the other sources.

How long before we see a “119.99 MEGA DEAL” with 20 of each emblem plus 12500 gems?

(yes, I will buy it, but that’s not the point)

There’s always been P2W / P2P vs C2P/F2P debate.

This emblem thing is the line in the sand that crosses off the pure F2P from competition with P2W. There’s always one, and this is it.
Here is what will happen:

1- The divide between haves & have nots will increase
2- The investors/stakeholders will make lots of money
3- The game is already pretty complicated for a novice to ‘just pick up’ so we will see fewer people who are F2P joining and the ones that stay will be the ones willing to pay
4- The game will earn more for SGG/Zynga than the previous model, and may run longer than the previous model, but make no mistake, the game will never be quite the same.

I still love the game, but I am not blind to reality.

It has me considering the OTHER economic principle…

…that of “Sunk Cost”

and if anyone knows what that economic principle entails, that will tell them my eventual fate.


Peachy, I truly wish I could have put this so succinctly.

I guess tipping-point is a better way of putting it. As some people just see others whining about a particular new upset, they need to understand that those complaints add up.

There will always be a divide between F and P players, but there is a very important balance to be had there.

Frankly, I honestly fall on the p2p side and I’m frustrated for everyone!