Buying Emblems will kill this game


In that case I’ve definitely spent enough to throw my opinion around!
What kills this game is arguments like these. They are ridiculous. @Garanwyn aren’t you tracking emblems? Are you going to do any tracking of offers that allow you to purchase them? Or is that vastly different from your intentions?


Again, the topic is BUYING EMBLEMS. I’m firmly against it for the reason that it will skew the game too much.

I reason that this is the only way to improve the strongest characters in the game and it definitely favors players who can pay to improve above others.


And my reply was about tracking offers where you can BUY them.
I really think you are working yourself up in frenzy here.
Take a few breaths and calm down.
Maybe create a more constructive post. Such as a poll. “Will you actually purchase emblems and at what price?” Or, is this an offer you would be interested in buying for this price?
I’m in that ridiculous spending category and i personally won’t be buying them.
But, i guess anyone who doesn’t agree with you is off topic huh?


we get it you think buying emblems makes SG the devil. i say buy whatever emblems you want and see if i dont still send your team to the showers to lick their wounds. im a gamer and i spent a little, that however doesn’t make my voice any louder than someone who hasnt spent a dime. worry about your money, your team, and your alliance and miraculously, you learn that other than the people helping you to reach your goal in the game, everyone else has bullseye and a number attached to them that im waiting to snipe out when their name hits my watch tower or AW.


Starry, you might be misreading me a bit. I think this is too OP for most players (whom i know are paying some).

For instance, the Valentine’s Day gift was a true teller. Over 2/3 of my alliance bought that right away. We are not a “pay” alliance, but few even hesitated.

This tells me millions of players are paying “something”.

To then make the game favor players who pay more for extreme (in my opinion) advantages is a devisive move.


That’s fair and polite.

Here’s the thing: people come to the forum every week outraged about some aspect of the game, announcing that it is dead and threatening to quit. Sometimes they do quit and are replaced by new players. So far none of the things that were supposed to kill it have actually killed it.

Eventually it will die, of course, and I suppose something has to be the catalyst for its death, but you’ve provided no reason to think that this will be it.

Will massive spenders have an advantage? Yes, but they always have had. Will the game change for more average players? Not really, no.


Winters, I agree, and that will absolutely kill this for me, but maybe a different topic?


I managed over 1000 enblems from the first 5 week cycle, even if they sell emblems it is still easy to max the talents on 5*s without spending. The emblem packs will boost some players but the difference is tiny compared to the advantages they can buy already woth troops and heroes.


Brobb, I’ve played for two years and never claimed the sky was falling. I’ve seen the posts you’ve talked about. I never bought in.

I’ve long touted this game because of its balance, but there is no way I’d invite anyone now! It is definitely going in the wrong direction and I’ve called this for a bit now.

So, am I some curmudgeon? Maybe. But I’ve always heard that if you care about a game then pay something for their efforts. I’VE PAID! AND THEN SOME! So yeah, I expect to be able to weigh in when I know it’s going toward death.

Alarmist? Maybe… but, I do represent a certain percentage of players.



Leveling 5s and Emblems are two different topics, but if you can “easily level 5s”, please tell me how. Can you buy ascension items frequently?


I was referring to emblems levelling, will edit to make more clear


You can always weigh in, here - we all can, from whales to freeloaders. But if you’re a regular forum reader then you know how often people start threads like this.

Should we suppose that this is anything other than someone else crying wolf? Are you somehow uniquely qualified to identify the oncoming apocalypse? Is there something uniquely problematic about the emblem offer? No, no and no.


this game has 100% more ■■■■ for new players to do than when i started this game. lets do some deductive reasoning and see if you can follow. when i started almost a year ago all i had was 8-7 and level 5 to PRAY for backpacks on as we slogged through the trenches to level up heroes. with the limited amount of heroes and no atlantis summon no alchance for the Hels and aries of the world ever , then boom gravemaker gets releases and everything changes.

new players now have two maps, emblems to farm from day one they start playing meaning they have months of stock of them as they are leveling tons more events, thousand percent easier access to mats and backpacks, wya easier time attaining 5 stars and you feel NOW that the game is worse for a newer player?

even in the game world you have cultures,the rich generous the rich dochebag, the moderate middle guy who sticks up for the poor versus the rich, the middle guy who does his own thing and doesnt let anyone elses stuff bother them cause they do there own thing, the poor who have no money but enjoy the game, the poor who want money but cant get it so bitch about everyone else that has it like they are the devil when most of us know how to go fill out a job application to make money to pay for things we want in life including our form of entertainment.

The game is catered towards people old enough to understand phrases like bottom line, return off investment, and continuous profit. if those words bother you im sure they have something more suitable in your age range at the play store but its not anyones anyone’s fault but the person who chooses or chooses not to spend their hard earned money on that if they wanna save time they can spend their money to do it. its pretty simple this aint the furst game of this type and if you dont like it theres a door, act like you the age range required and shut it nicely behind you on your way out if you are leaving and if not keep this comments between you and your people or find a vent thread and go there a smoke a blunt and chill out cause no matter what emblems or character a person has IMA TAKE EM DOWN, and be like see he got all that stuff and i still countered that ■■■■ for the W. done here


Your assumption is way so wrong, you might find that I am way older than you are and much more experienced.


I spend some money here and there, Cheap to play category now I guess…I laughed when I saw this deal…….how many gems for how many emblems!!!

NOPE and NOPE !!!

In any case I really don’t see how paying an outrageous price for that small amount of emblems is going to be any huge difference.


Emblems offer was for gems, not for cash. And there are only two batches to buy.
It’s your choice whether to do 1 atlantis pull or buy both sets of emblems (2x175gems).
I don’t see a problem here.


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Maybe its a clas mentality thing but as a c2p vip only spender i have zero aspirations to compete at the top and subsequently anything that widens the gap of rich and poor does nothing to bother me.

If anything i want there to be as many outlets for the whales to spend as possible. Why? Because the more they spend the more free/cheap gaming I get.

I will NEVER close the gap on those guin/gm/alby etc teams so why worry. An emblem purchase wont even scratch it. But if it gets the spenders spending, great! We should welcome that outside of the top 1000.

And whats winning even mean here? Events? Well only a tiny number ever get anything meaningful anyway. A fleeting stay on the scoreboard? Great for a screenshot but the second you put the game down its already over. Titans? Fine, a team effort that self balances over time. Unless you are chasing speed records (again the tiny minority) theres no ‘winning’. Wars? Another self correcting mechanism.

Nope. Winning here is about the journey and not the destination and the enjoyment comes from the little things along the way. An emblem pack does absolutely nothing to change that, I suspect, for the overwhelming majority.

Game killer? Hyperbole in overdrive.


Buying emblems will not kill this game, just like every (insert crazy hero who has come out that will kill the game), just like whatever new thing that may be frightening because it’s implications are not fully understood (like weekly raid challenges which feel really far away from being ready for release); the list goes on.

If they sell emblems in such small batches it won’t kill the game. In fact, for people like me, it allows me to sink them into 4* and build a better roster in the short/medium term vs. those who spend on 5*. And when I need to shuffle to 5* I’ll reset them and move them and be able to compete.

I am cheap to play, $10 a month or less, and this is so not frightening.