Buying Emblems will kill this game


If the emblem packs remain like the one currently in store, I’m not very worried. Rumours about upcoming content that will be behind a paywall on the other hand, is extremely worrisome!


It would be nice for players to stop spelling doom on new innovations at inceptions, talent tree, Emblem and class event are target at enhancement over the existing system, with all the hard work done, we should also look at the business perspectives, this company is set up to make make profit otherwise it won’t be in business, so in my opinion players should at least have this understanding and stop the kicking against SGG when it comes to sales of product.


I can’t argue with your opinion you are probably right businesses do business but sometimes they go too far. Ever hear of “New Coke”?


Please show me where I ever mentioned Zynga!


I onced had a thread with someone from italy spending, if I remember right, 7k per month! So nothing is insane in this game :rofl:


People will never believe you. lol


You never did. What made you think I was addressing you?


You quoted me and responded. That would suggest me. (scroll up)


lol. Too true Winters.


It’s easy not to be called a conspiracy theorist. You just provide evidence to back up any wild assertions you make. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I quoted @Winters and responded. (Scroll up.)


That’s crazy! I hope that they spend all their time in the top 100 or it seems hardly worth it. I don’t know whether i could even find a way to spend that much. Kudos to Small Giant for coming up with something that sparked interest again and bad Small Giant for turning a reward in to an product. I’m sure at times Developer is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t job, lets just hope these sales are few and far in between.


Well, I have no conspiracy theories, but I do know what kills games and quick Google search will tell you what SGG’s strategy has been all along. They only predicted a 3-5 year longevity. They are now “cashing out”.

Look it up!


I’m echoing Thoth. I’m echoing Thoth.


The question is how far would anyone go? if set up multi million dollar business and to keep the business alive and answerable to your investors, board of directors, your customers i.e the players : the paying ones and the none paying ones. And I can say this organization listens to everyone, and consider all in their decision making.
C’mon let’s give this company some credits over their business decisions.


If they’re cashing out then good for them - most games have a limited life. But some comments back at the game’s inception about it having a 3-5 year life are hardly evidence of that, particularly as we’re not even at the 3 year mark yet.

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Zynga or Small Giant??

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I correct myself…it was 7k total

But even this is way too much for my wallet…lucky sound engineer.


New to forum, been playing ~5 months now. Spend a little, ~$25/month would be HIGH month.

My observations:
Yes, PxP would help, it at least increase your chances @ being a top player.

Me, meh, I could not care less about being a top player, I just enjoy playing the game, helping my Alliance, & leveling new heroes. As long as the PxP doesn’t become something that renders the FxP or low spenders irrelevant, I’m good


People always scream ‘‘It’s the end of the game’’ every time new things are added to it. Change is hard i guess. I agree that there shouldn’t be a way to buy an infinite amounts of emblems. The pack that is out now though offers emblems in such a small scale and at such a high cost that it will have a minimal impact on most of the players.