Buying Emblems will kill this game


One of the main appeals to this game supposedly was that even if you were f2p you could do everything in the game if you put in the time and effort…now we are going to have pay per play content…just asinine, stupid, bull crap …


You’ve been playing for about as long as me. You know, then, that if players are willing to spend very large sums of money they can summon repeatedly until they receive the HOTM and event heroes they want, can buy feeder troops for levelling purposes at great expense, and can purchase flasks to improve their chances of placing in events.

Some players do these things and they have advantages - E&P has always offered that. But the cost is very, very high. A spender like yourself has never had much of an advantage over a skinflint like me. That’s good for the game, I think, and the silly cost of emblems maintains that balance.


Just know, as I have alluded to, you are killing the game.


Don’t look at me, i’m voting against the fee :sweat_smile:


The difference has always been the bottleneck of ascension items. This is slowly being eroded. THAT will make a huge class separation, and thus kill the game!


Evidence? None? Okay.

SG have always worked hard to monetise their game. Seems most likely that the offers we’re currently seeing have been in the works for months. Perhaps their potential even contributed to the sale price - who knows?

What is clear is that we’re now speculating on matters about which we have no knowledge and no way to gain knowledge. So yeah, derailed.


I’m not blaming you at all. Just know the opinion of those not in the know.


To spend more than 100 $/€ per month is “insane spending” category.

I hope for SGG they find a way not to loose the player base. Events and a pile of emblems for money are dangerous.
The amounts of emblems as we see in the current offer are not gamebreaking for F2P but borderline…


WHITEY is speaking for thousands of players!


And I’m saying that borderline is dangerously close!


Yes, I agree. I already feel stupid to toss 15-20€ per month.
If they keep going like that, only those whales will remain and play the game amongst themselves.
Have fun big boys.


Ascension items are available for purchase like anything else - if players are willing to spend the stupid amounts necessary to overcome the RNG. I’m not sure what change you see there. I haven’t seen any way that spenders like you can suddenly get vastly more ascension items that tramps like me.


It was the one way that i thought that i would have the advantage over the big spenders, they wouldn’t be able to outwork me. Small Giant seems like the state of California they can’t help but screw up every idea they come up with even with all their “good intentions” . Well time to start actually paying attention to Mystic Vision.


Currently, there is no way to buy ascension items en masse.


Let’s face it, players buy a lot of stuff in this game from heroes to mats, items etc, just take a look at threads and videos of 70. 80,…100pulls. Irrespective of the odds,
And sometimes they buy AM too both directly and indirectly.
So I wonder why Emblems would be any different, this game will not die base on this, rather it will keep thriving, more so on purchases.


THIS is exactly my sentiment! Slowly, you can just buy your way out. Call me a doomsdayer, but, this WILL KILL THE GAME!


Nope. That’s why it’s costly to buy them. It’s a good thing. Same with emblems.

When people invent conspiracies and then label them “reality” it tells you something about them.


And it’s not idle speculation, I’ve succeeded mostly through ardent play.


You’re a doomsayer. Last week you said friend requests had killed the game.


Brobb, please don’t repeat yourself. I already admitted I jumped the gun on that one, but, here we are to endorse my premonition.