Buying Emblems will kill this game

I agree with Stryge.

Really??? if this is the case as a F2P player I definitely will quit this game…hope not!


Fair enough. I don’t think you should have been so dire in this post, either.

The emblem offer - just like the friend request offer - is not going to affect my quotidian game play in the slightest. I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll even suffer much in relative terms. The gem cost per emblem is so high that a moderate spender (shall we arbitrarily say that a “moderate spender” spends $100 per month?) certainly isn’t going to rocket ahead of me because this offer is available.

And if a few whales suddenly have fully talented teams of heroes, then good for them! They will have spent many thousands to do it, and E&P has always rewarded players who are willing to shell out absurd sums of money (witness the teams of HOTM one sees around the top of the leaderboard, supported by five level 30 troops).

The emblem offer was entirely predictable except for the cost (much higher than expected, which is good for F2P and C2P players). (And maybe the timing - @Elpis might be right that this happened more quickly than usual, I don’t really know.) The offer isn’t going to affect anyone except the biggest of big spenders, an echelon of players who already have many advantages.


Brobb, with due respect, your math is very subjective and 100 per month is FAR from moderate to most players.

Would you say $100 per month is a lot or a little?

DEFINITELY, A LOT! Think about what you would spend on console.


Great! If $100 per month is a lot, and $100 per month isn’t going to buy you a decent advantage with the new offer, then we know that even players who spend a lot are not going to get a decent advantage from the new offer.

So it’s only the biggest, fattest, juiciest whales who can benefit. That’s brilliant for everyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on the game - it keeps the playing field more or less level for the rest of us.


Brobb, your argument doesn’t hold. I said that’s a lot! In other words, you might be lucky to get people to shell out the 5/mo for second builder. To know that others can buy emblems might seem trivial to you, but it means a lot to them. And it compounds over weeks.

Ok, this is too big to be discussed here. It needs a different topic and I guess it will be the first time a disaster tone will be deserved.

So, the entry cost would be covered by VIP. And VIP gives a daily trickle of emblems now too. /shrug
I guess it was a good way to get people to fork out for it again even if they had limited use for the builders.

I wouldn’t care much if the other sources of emblems were more reliable, but with big discrepancies in what’s rewarded from war chests and elemental chests it’s a bit on the nose.

And lastly, it seems like a strange decision to make another tiered reward system The rewards for the challenge events have already been complained about as a rich get richer situation, reserved for those willing to shell out for WE refills.


And we might be arguing over scale, but to my alliance members (who put in a couple hundred dollars a month maybe), that little bit matters.

If we can have honest discord, great! If we are going to say hey, “the rich will do as they will” then you WILL see mass exodus.

Is that “right”? I don’t know, but I, as many others have a line, and I fairly believe we are approaching it.

You’re missing the point, I think. Emblems are so expensive that $100 a month - which you say is a lot - will not be enough to get any decent advantage. So players can rest assured that anyone who is really getting an advantage from buying emblems is doing so at a crazy cost.

As a non-spender (I used to call myself F2P, but now that I have spent a total of £5.98 perhaps I am C2P), the last thing I want to see is reasonably priced emblems hitting the market. What if the current offer was for 20 times as many emblems as it is, or 50 times? Suddenly it would be practical for all those players spending $20-100 per month to streak ahead of us tightwads.

I don’t know if that would actually make me quit or not. It would certainly make me think about it.

I said it and now i regret it.
I mean, people deserve to know, but that’s not the place.

Do not derail the thread.


Every day I make sure that the game seeks to make money from the money in the best case

It will definitely make me quit. I’ve played for two years and sadly admit that I’ve put in about 1k.

You posted a reference to the Zynga buyout. We have no evidence to suggest that the change in ownership is in any way connected to any of the matters we are discussing here. So yup, that’s derailing.

A buyout investment that needs to recover 700m doesn’t relate to sudden new purchase options in the game?? :rofl:

Suure buddy. :ok_hand:


And maybe that speaks volumes. When devs look in the millions, the players suffer.

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That’s obviously a huge topic in beta too.
We don’t know when this thing gonna go live, so we can’t know if we are too early or right to discuss now.

What we know is that many thing in this event is still unclear, and we are now only at the first “version” of this event.

Probably there will be others, and all can change.


One of the main appeals to this game supposedly was that even if you were f2p you could do everything in the game if you put in the time and effort…now we are going to have pay per play content…just asinine, stupid, bull crap …


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