Buying Emblems will kill this game


count me in lol , i think many got symptom of neophobia (afraid of new things) and mostly afraid to lose


Unfortunately, your memory is not quite reliable in this matter…


yeah i read that and where the word/statement that they wont put this in Shop offer ? i triple checked and cannot find it. please enlight me

  • Majority of the Emblems a player can gain are completely free and not tied to purchases.

I think that covers it!


Yeah. Togethet with the list of sources (no shop offers there) and in context of discussion as answer for players fears that emblems becomes buyable.


as stated: the majority are supposed to be free. It does not say they won’t offer them for sale.


Just don’t buy them until they offer them way cheaper. It’s pretty simple.


yeah its true . Majority you could get Emblem from Chests and Event as Free which is not tied to purchase.

but there are no word about No-Sale ? but well whatever lol , you failed to understand the meaning.
i strongly suggest you to Quit now , SG will come with Emblem offer in Epic Offer for sure.

Emblem is another form of Ascending mats , you could get it Free but also Paid. if you think you want ti Free forever , it will happens in your dream only.


sorry, I should have replied to this one

They did not state that there would be no shop offers.


already explained why it seems like “no shop offers” there

And yes, technically there is no word about sales in post standalone, but in context of topic it seems to.

Still do not understand hapiness of others about game becoming more P2W. Propose buyable hits for war then to ruin it competely for example.


Don’t think these comments should have been directed at me but if it saves another player from feeling abused, then fine … I’ll take the hit.


LMAO. Either way SGG would do this, would create complaints.

Too high prize: ‘oh they are so greedy’.
Too low prize: ‘oh a large portions of emblems can be bought P2W’.

And yes, they are getting increasingly greedy, and this game is becoming more and more P2W. I think these are valid concerns because I share them.

But the emblems, I can stomach. They trickle in through various paths in the game, and a very modest amount can be purchased at a pricing that’s just ridiculous in my eyes, but likely acceptable by enough players to be worth it for SGG. Okay. Mildly grated by the greed, but as long as I see free emblems trickle in, okay. Another bit of tension to the bowstring, but it’s holding for now.


Majority does not mean all. It never said they wouldn’t sell them. Just that the majority would come from “free” areas of the game


LOL … I’m still not sure why I’m being tagged for these posts. I know the definition of majority. That’s why I copied that statement from SG’s update notes.

The majority will come from the free areas of the game.

I took that to mean that a lesser amount would be made available through other “paid” means.


I thought the same thing.When the presentation of the update was made, the appearance of the emblems in the game, I prayed that they can never be bought … Unfortunately, it is no longer the case and I find it a pity. Only CB players will be able to evolve … the rest (those who make the game live ALSO) will leave the game. Personally, I am more and more disappointed with the twist that took empire and puzzle, I play for 545 days, at first it was fun and fun, now it’s boring and depressing to play.


Do most emblems still remain free? Great. Nothing is over. Players who do not pay will have their emblems guaranteed. Not at the same speed or amount of who will pay, but will have. Funding and maintenance of the game is required for all, payinger and non-payinger. I did not want this to happen, but I understand that a business needs to be maintained, paid and profitable to expand. We all want news and improvements, new gameplays. Guess where the money comes from? Yeah, sales in the game. If they limited the emblems only to whoever paid, then it would be reckless. But that was not what happened. There are various ways of acquiring them. Let’s move on.



I cannot agree. This game ist very profitable. Summon income is mega. So they had the possibility to renounce to that emblem income to give the player base the signal that not all things can be bought in this game. Zynga did not - that makes me sad.

…and i already spent a lot of money here.


Anyone who thought that emblem purchasing wasn’t coming is very naive. This is a business. They worked hard adding these new features. They are going to charge you for it somehow. It is still free to get most tokens, but paying can get you some too…just like all other things in the game (and other games). I’m not buying them…other people will. That’s just how it is.



I was shocked when I saw the offer at the store. Like you and the vast majority of players I did not want the emblems to be sold. After some time reflecting on this and after opening some chests that gave me free emblems, I saw that nothing was over. If they do not lessen the frequency with which the emblems appear, to boost sales, things will not change in my game. I’m going to face some people stronger than I am, as always. I will win some and lose others, but in essence, nothing has changed.


I know. But from time to time i had the feeling that SG has a bigger plan…

…some long term intelligence.