Buying Emblems will kill this game


It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you ultimately fall, I believe there is enough debate to make this a critical issue.

Yes, whales carry the load and leeches drag that down, but I hate the term c2p. I’ve paid enough to have a fair say. Who here would give 500 bucks to Sony, Microsoft, Et al that much money and not complain about game imbalances?

This isn’t the ONE THING, but it’s enough to call the devs out.

And yes, there is a line, and I’m tired of being taxed!


I know for a fact this is not correct! Haven’t gotten a single Atlantis 5* hero, and can still crash into the top of leaderboard just fine. They’re probably nice to have, but you can win raids/war attacks just fine without them.

It could turn out that the same case will be true of emblemed up heroes. While a nice luxury, may not make too big a difference in the bigger scheme of things.

I’m still holding out hope that the purchase deals don’t get too crazy nonetheless. We shall see.


Top of which leaderboard? because the non tc20 heroes have been a requirement to top the event boards for a long time


Oh no, I don’t even try to place highly in events. I was speaking of global leaderboard from raiding. I do have some event/hotm though, just none of the Atlantis 5*


Apples meet oranges…


After spending over an hour amusing myself with what couldn’t be described as anything more than a clown show of unrealted comments.

Is that what you call a critical issue.

These emblems being sold was always going to happen and the only ones that benefit from that are those already way to far ahead for the average player to reach to start with.

Anyone who feels threatened by these tokens weather they are sold or free already doesn’t think much of thier own game play styles to begin with and are only looking for excuses for losing.

I just wasted over an hour of my time in here and for what!


Call it what you will if that makes you feel better, but I’ll never spend here again.


Can’t agree more with the original poster. SG has been warned again and again and again by beta testers about the danger of selling emblems. They’ve £^<#ing ignored us again.

Their greed is going to sink this %*¥\ game.


Thank you all for listening and giving voice!


SG probably don’t need to worry about that anymore these days as they have made every online developers dream goal which is create something and hope some big giant will buy us out which they have done.

The question is now is what’s the new devs or game decision makers going to do.


Oh l have missed you!


I think it’s like “almost pregnant”


i wonder why people so annoyed with this kind of offer , dont all of you realized that Ascending and Hero Trainer also offered in same way ? what the difference ?

if you dont have money then just play smartly and know your place. but if you are F2P and want same situation and benefit as C2P then quit the games and make your own games because you will find another same situation in every game.


Most likely because the said they would not do this. They then renegged on their word.


What an ugly world you are living. Feel sorry for you.
Still tons of good f2p games in my reality. And still tons of OLD games from times when game industry was bright and shiny and nobody knows what is “Lootbox” for that matter if your world becomes reality.

Problem with E&P is that we are already invested much of time and/or money in it. And now it goes shitty way. People just feel themself kinda cheated on that time/money.

Especially important is that the administration of project PROMISED not to make the emblems buyable. Just little VIP bonuses. And what we see now?


any link to Their Promise about not to make Emblem buyable ?


Find it yourself if you want, but I’m and other people
definitely saw it somewhere in those update discussions. And now we free to make some conclusions.


shame you talked without any proof , as i remembered at others post, this kind of offer already in beta-phase , and i never read statement from Dev about they promised not make that happens. well why dont you just quit and find your another game ?


I understand the concern of many, but I’m confused. What is the difference between these emblem package deals and those of other unfarmable ascension mats? I mean are they not similar in the sense that whoever is willing to spend will progress faster?

If so, why are people so angry? Am I missing something?


There is many people confirming my words in this topic already.
And any post could be deleted.
And It is not you who could decide for others what to do.
And I already stated something about time/money spend, read more accurate before reply.