Buying Emblems will kill this game


I couldn’t agree more with this statement

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Hypocrisy suits who? You’re just as guilty with the name-calling as anyone else on this thread.


I was much more concerned about the sale of 4* ascension items over Xmas. Because…

I don’t think players needed to be crazy spenders to take advantage of the deals on offer. I think they offered a real opportunity for moderate spenders (even low spenders, by some standards) to gain serious advantages. I can’t recall the total number of 4* items that were offered, but I do remember thinking to myself at the time that if these sort of deals were offered every month then there would be absolutely no way I could compete by grinding.

Thankfully, the deals didn’t persist. Players have gone back to complaining about how hard it is to find the AM they need. This reassures me that only the real whales are running the RNG gauntlet and buying enough non-guaranteed ascension packs to get ahead.

I hope emblems are managed in a similar way.


I agree with this. I don’t buy those packs because I don’t want to play those odds. If someone wants to unload thousands of dollars to get emblems, they can pay 10k for a $1,500 bike. If someone is willing, then all the power to them.

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Item Pay Totals Free Totals
Gems 43400 0
Daily Tokens 0 4
ETT 29 1
EHT 23 1
Fine Gloves 4 0
Compasses 4 0
Trap Tools 5 0
Warm Capes 5 0
Sturdy Shields 4 0
Hidden Blades 5 0
Orb of Magic 1 0
Damascus Blades 1 0
Tomes of Tactics 1 0
Poison Darts 1 0
Farsight Telescopes 2 0
Royal Tabbards 2 0
Mysterious Tonics 2 0
Mystic Rings 2 0

i say it’s not nessessary to have it into the game, but whoever want to do it, they are free to do so. so selling emblems wont kill the game. the worst case is that none gonna buy them


Just re-linking this here since it’s far enough upthread that some people may not have seen it:


Final Fantasy XV is in a downward spiral due to being able to buy your way to the top.


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I totally agree. I buy things can already earn playing the game, I just want to take a short cut. If I have to buy it and can’t earn it then I think it would turn into a burden “I have to buy this” but if it’s just optional like buying ascension materials that can be earned by playing the game, then that might actually be cool.

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I understand that team powers & the number of trophies has plateaued to the point that anyone with skill can reach the top 100 without a complete 5* attack team.

However, whales with money to burn shouldn’t be able to buy their way to the top 100 by purchasing Talent Grid tokens as pictured above–talents should earned in quests & other skill-based events.

It takes 4000 team power to win the final stage of a talent grid quest, as it should be. Team power should NOT be for sale!!

What are your thoughts on pay to win for talent grid tokens?

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There are several topics with plenty of arguments on selling emblems directly.

Since a good player sometimes was rewarded with 30 emblems in one chest, there will be no big advantage from buying 10 or 20.

If you find the offer worth it, feel free to buy the two emblem sets.

It’s neither a big deal imho nor very expensive. One should even be able to buy those with free gems. That’s the second ever offer of emblems, which is not that big difference to not have them bought.


I agree. 5 emblems in two classes is tiny potatoes, man. Not even moving the needle.


I normally get 5 emblems from killing a titan. So the offer is not tempting to me


a rare one. that comes 1 in 10 titans.


Sorry, this may be the first step in a slippery slope, but I don’t think these emblem shop offers are going to make any significant impact. Yes, people will buy them whatever speeds progress, just like people buy trainer heroes as those speed the growth of your heroes.

P2W will always have an edge. This is not where you get that edge. The difference between f2p and p2w will be something like bundled in the $99 offers where 200 emblems are offered. That is significant.


The extremely slow rate that these are given out at will ensure that no one can ‘buy their way’ to the top.


This is only the second time I have seen them offered, and not worth the gems at all to me…I have been getting emblems at a slow but steady rate, and currently have some I can’t even use because I either have no hero in that class maxed yet, or none that I really want to use them on.

Even if you bought the offer twice. I just don’t see it as making a huge difference given the massive amounts of emblems required to completely upgrade a single hero on the talent grid.


This unfortunately is where it starts… Small offers to get people used to it, then jam pay to win down everyone’s throat. We should be careful on what we allow ourselves to roll over on.


@anon89026910 You may be correct on that point…I switched to C2P some time ago, and am much happier for it. If people want to spend, they will spend…regardless of the small advantage it may give them.

I really don’t worry about how much faster someone is getting to the top… it doesn’t affect me or my enjoyment of the game at this point. I set goals for myself, and enjoy my alliance mates. Plus “the top” gets you exactly nothing except to say you’re there lol.

Supply and demand will always drive any business model…