Buying Emblems will kill this game

When you allow buying to vastly excel player achievement, you will ruin this game!

Some will see this as a slippery slope, but i can assure you that it’s a path to ruin.

I’ve given a decent amount to this game - nothing to be a PtP, but enough that I’ve helped the bottom line.

Allowing players to buy emblems makes me want to quit before the greed monster sets in!

TheLunarAccord - BMF


Hold on - aren’t you the poster who said a week ago that friend invites killed the game?

I guess if you announce that every new thing is the thing that will kill the game, then eventually the game will just die of old age and you can claim that you were right. In the meantime, however, no one is making you spend your gems on the emblem offer. I certainly won’t be spending mine that way.

But if others want to, more power to them. And kudos to the devs for making emblems so expensive that small spenders won’t gain a massive advantage over F2P.


Check yourself please. I made no announcement on any such topic! Please don’t assume. Be Germaine to the posted topic. Thank you.


In either case you miss the point. Allowing players to buy obvious advantages will drastically change the game.

Let’s say you can buy Damascus Blade or Reset Emblems. Once you let players buy these advantages, you can see where this heads.

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And not to spam my own OP, but invites are also stupid. In a far less insidious way, but still a small cancer on the game.

you must be new you seemed to have overlooked: atlantis heroes, HotM, events heroes and troops as well as the countless offers the game has. Money has always been able to buy advantages in the game the emblems aren’t stronger than any of these thing people can already get


Don’t worry, it is capped at 2x10 emblems in 2 days, it will not have significant effect.

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I shall immediately check myself. Checking… checking… okay, finished checking.

Here’s what you wrote:

The title you gave the thread was “You just killed the game”, which was then changed by a helpful forum participant to “I don’t like friend invites”.

So you kinda did make such an announcement on said topic, didn’t you?

If players want to spend the vast sums necessary to gain a real advantage, good for them. They will be funding the game. Most spenders will not be willing to shell out, I suspect, so F2P and C2P will remain viable.


There is a difference in overall effects and direct ones. The bottleneck of improvement is what keeps balance. Do you not see the difference in buying DMs and buying flasks?

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It’s not the offer per se that worried me, rather the timing.
In the past they waited quite a lot before offering some kind of “skipping” offer, now it is happen quite immediately.

And right now we are testing in beta a new kind of “pay per play” event with huge rewards in it, emblems included.

We will notice difference between PWN and F2P very soon.


Elpis makes a salient and fair point.

And i should not have been so dire in that post announcement, but it leads to this one. There is s difference between desperation and ruination, but they are leading to the same path.

Are you talking about the new Raid Challenges? Why PxP?

It’s not this offer per se that is a big deal…it is the future offers tailored to the whales of this game that bothers me…


Right now there’s an entry fee to partake of 100 gems. Without it you can’t play it.
That’s make 400 gems per month.

It is not set in stone yet, but i personally don’t think it would change.


Damascus Blades - DBs is what i meant. Sorry for the mispost.

Thank you for sharing.
THIS will be a bad mistake…
So far, all content was open for everyone. OFC if you spend more money you have an edge but still everyone could enjoy it and if they are lucky/good they can get nice results.
A P2P content will likely be the WORST choice ever, even more if the prizes are that rich.


I believe the game had a decent balance without p2p advantages. Devs seemed to be making decent profit.

I can be, and am often wrong, but this shift will (imho) drive away players.

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For now prizes are better then an elemental chest for all who place in top 100.

We don’t know if other (101 or below) get something.

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Please be productive or refrain.


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