Buyer Beware

Understand before I start that this is NOT a rant against the developers, just a comment on human nature.

I’ve decided to take a month off from the player arena. It has been well designed to do what it was intended to do - bring in revenue for the company (SGG). I view it the same as going to a casino - you KNOW walking in the door that the odds are against you, that it’s been cleverly rigged to give you just enough success to keep you there but frustrating enough to make you want to open your wallet to succeed. Well, my wallet ain’t big enough to support my gambling habit so I’m just going to hold off for … don’t know how long but a long while. I don’t care about “Global ranking” because there’s nothing but bragging rights there. It doesn’t affect AW matchmaking - or so we’re told, and my alliance hasn’t won all summer because we keep getting bigger, stronger alliances pitted against us - so call it an experiment. I plan to see what happens when you boycott the arena for 30 days.

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Good on you!

I’d hate to think how much money I’ve “invested” in the game. Quite often I “try” not to spend, but as you said they keep drawing me back in. And yep I know it’s really not them, it’s me with the spending problem.

I’ll be interested to read how you went after 30 days :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s more shameless and lacking in ethics than that partner, the people here, who are innocent, or to talk about RNG, blah blah, but computer science is a science and, based on that, it is enough to see the forum to see the impudence what the developers use. We all know the very low percentage of fall, very low, less than 3%, but it is curious, we do not stop seeing how big spenders do not receive the hotm until 80 or more, the company knows that it is a spender, instead there are players free they shoot once and take it, but not 1, many, there is even a post where one kihona pulls with a shot, another ak watch it test and it comes out and a third equal, that is, with a percentage as the lottery, has touched my neighbor of 1,2 and 3, in a day, come now. But I’m just going to talk about my case, low / medium spending player, loose luck in invocation, and the average dedicated player in terms of ascension tools, more or less 1,2 daily, for months, counting events , missions, chests and occasional offer purchases, plus a rare chest every ten days. These purchases left me very little, only at events and little else and I always picked them up. Well, since the big update I had a single chest (they were always 10 days), and in almost half a month only 2 tools of 3 *, 2 in almost m

I agree it’s very important to set a clear budget. I disagree that a boycott is the right solution (but I also disagree with AA’s approach to managing alcohol addiction). Each month there are a few new heroes worth trying for, so I think you’ll have better odds in the long run working with a monthly budget. Like AA, though, some people find that “all or nothing” is what works for them.

I changed from an alliance to a greater one, titans of 8 and 9, I made B, A and A +, plus a titan box and not a tool, 0, but yes, I have permanent offers on the desk with gems and mats, just before they came out I DO TRIED TO MANIPULATE DEPENDING ON YOUR LEVEL OF EXPENDITURE, coda easy to program, @petri

Don’t you think that the fact it comes do naturally to draw addiction parallels is telling? Depressing too. Its an abusive model and should be regulated just like booze or gambling. This game ie should be 18+. Btw addiction is a spectrum according to some of the latest research (and the AA model is not well supported by literature). Vast majority of addicts are unaware of their condition. Addiction changes thinking, it hides itself from the affected. Which is why we read left right and centre on this forum how people rationalize excessive spending.

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Folks, I’m not talking about the Summons portals, I’m talking about the Player Arena. And yes, I HAVE to work within a budget (I only get a social security check). I’m talking about those stupid cups. Work hard, get over 2000 only to lose them to weaker players who, when you revenge, never get back to where you were. THAT’S the rigged system I’m talking about. As for Hero of the Month, I haven’t pulled one since June but I knew I was having a good run that wouldn’t last. I’ve been playing for over 14 months and I’m a retired programmer myself - I know the odds. The game is well designed, it’s SUPPOSED to make money for the company. As I said, it’s like going to the casino - don’t go if you’re not prepared to walk away with less then when you entered the building.

My “experiment” is a personal one to see what happens when you “boycott” the PvP arena for 30 days and what effect it has on my alliance if I drop levels from Diamond to Gold to Platinum to whatever the one under that is because I’m just not doing Player vs Player combat

You’ll find that you settle into a cup level that depends a lot on your defense. If you can play in Diamond, I bet you won’t sink below Platinum even with never playing.

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