Buy one, Give one idea

I believe that the offers that allow you to gift things to other alliance members are rather popular. Many of my Alliance members are pretty new to the game. I think it’d be a cool offer for something like buy a 30 day VIP and your Alliance members get 3 free days of VIP.

Even better, how about a “give one, give one” idea.

Why has it become an accepted belief that everything needs to be paid for?


I understand what you are saying. However I do have some serious reservations.
In a previous alliance of 30 all but 5 bought the Valentine offer that provided gifts to their alliance friends.
Of those 5 one was a child who became upset that he didn’t have a card allocated to his game to return the gift.
Another was a player that was 100% free to play. Who felt that she needed to go to great lengths in chat to explain that she wouldn’t be buying the offer etc etc
I personally think that these type of offers can and do put peer pressure on players to “buy”


No offence to the OP, but we already have Share the gems up to 3x a year, and now a Mythic Titan bundle which seems to be a monthly offer.

I strongly dislike the frequency of the Mythic Titan bundle. Share the gems is nice. It is only a few times a year, and since it is a gems gift, each player can choose how to spend it.

I am not in favour of any more paid ‘gift’ offers.


I agree I would be willing to buy a farseeing telescopes and send one to and ally who needs one

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