[Buy all] Option for offers - Fraud Alert issue

During the current event I was able to buy 10 packs of 200 diamonds.
Please add a “Buy all” option that let’s you buy all remaining packs at once and “collectes” them in one payment.

By buying 10 times, I have to authenticate 10 times, get 10 emails and 10 positions on my credit-card bill.

Quality of life improvement, or do you want it to be hard to give you my money?

*I’m selling this idea for 100€ :rofl:


While I would love to see this, there might be technical limitations with Google Play and App Store that prevent aggregating transactions into a single purchase. I know for Windows Store apps that all IAPs had to be defined in advance and couldn’t be changed on demand; I suspect it’s the same for other app stores as well.

Just define one for each of the amounts and display/allow the one that’s up to date.

You bought one -> [Buy one] [Buy 9]

That requires (in this case) defining 10 purchases and that might be coupled to costs? I have no idea how these stores work.

Wonder if this is causing fraud alerts for anyone?

Got an alert on the 6th or 7th transaction. I was in the process of buying a deal, finished checkout and was waiting for the popup window with the claim button. Got a fraud alert text and then a popup appeared in game saying there was an error in the purchase, or it couldn’t complete the transaction, something like that. Then I got kicked back into the game. Told the credit card company everything was ok, went back to purchasing and bought the rest of the gem deals.

Got fraud alert on my card. They canceled my card and had to send a new one.

I also got a fraud alert aswell.

As it turned out to be an issue, maybe this should/could be moved to the bugs & issues section to get some attention? @Rook

Moved and added to the title.

Did I get a Fraud alert … yes several.

Please fix this by:

Having the packs as they are now, but same as the item and token deals have two options.

  1. Buy a single pack 200 gems (10 remaining) - as it is now
  2. Buy 2000 gems for (#1 x 10 price)… - so just another buy option.
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I’m just wondering do you guys know - will there be always 10 packs of gems on events from now on or was it just one time because of a brand new event and it will go back to 5 packs now? I have to plan gem acquisition for guardians :wink:

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