Button for TITAN TEAM

We can now make 5 teams instead of 3, which is a great addition. What I would really like, is if I could make a dedicated titan-team. That team would be the team automatically selected when doing a titan battle. This could be solved easily by adding a ‘TITAN TEAM’-button, similar to the ‘DEFENSE TEAM’-button in the EDIT TEAM screen.

This would mean I wouldn’t have to change my team on titan battles, saving me the daily mistake of starting a raid with my titan team or (worse) entering a titan battle with a farming team.

This excellent idea is raised in this recent post:

Do you not change your team daily depending on titan colour?

I’ve liked the added teams. I use slot 1 for titan, 2 low map farm, 3 high map farm, 4 raid, 5 defense.

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Changing the titan team regularly is precisely why a designation for a titan team would be useful. Less chance of a careless oopsie where I end up having to reconfigure my farm team again because I forgot to check which I had last used.
The default to defense bug is actually a default to Team 1 incidently. After being annoyed once too often I set up my default raid team there instead. Saved on the frustration value.

I am new to the game although I am at level 23 I think I don’t understand why everyone is needing to change teams for different things? I just try to use my strongest team for everything. Can anyone help or explain why you would want to put out a lower level team for example?

Some reasons.

  1. Elemental vulnerability. Using two or more heroes of the color an opponent like a titan is vulnerable to means you can do more damage to it, more quickly, even if your second hero of that color is weaker than your usual.
  2. Special attacks. Just throwing together a given team because the game says those heroes have a higher total value doesn’t mean they will work together well. You need to consider what special attacks each hero has, and how they interact. Most similar special skills that buff or debuff overwrite a previous instance for example, so doubling up may not be as effective in a fight as picking a eeaker hero who does something different.
    In raiding or against elite enemies, you also need to consider the opponent’s special attacks. Sometimes a weaker hero has a special which will help against your opponent’s specials, or give some other advantage, like Spirit Link or neutralization of ongoing damage.

One of the advantages the better players have is that they have had the time to train multiple heroes, so they can pick from a set of options to build an optimum team for a given opposition. That isn’t necessarily the most powerful team they can build, but it’s going to be more efficient.

And a warning about 5* and their team power value at low levels. It’s a lie. Don’t waste your time with them on your team against leveled opponents until they’re at a minimum of 3/30, preferably higher. At lower levels a well leveled 4* or sometimes even 3* can outperform them. It’s only once you get to the final ascension that they really seem to shine.


I change my titan team every time I do a titan battle, then have to select my farming team when I go farming, then select the titan team again when I do another titan battle, and then change the team again when I’m doing a raid.

I just think this selecting other teams and changing teams back and forth should be done automatically.

I agree! Plus add a raid button and a farm button. Raids used to default back to the last team used for raiding, now it defaults back to slot 1. I know I should just switch my defense and raid team (defense is in slot 1 now), but I am too stubborn because I really think it is very stupid that they made it worse with the last update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Worse, with this raid bug it’s a random default back to team 1. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t and sticks with the last team used. The random nature of it is why I think it’s a bug rather than working as intended.