But do you think you are generous?

sincerely when I read that they would add the emplemi to the VIP I was thinking of something decent … I hope as always here everything goes on promises never kept, or kept somehow … tickets? you left well and now you see 1 every dead man of papa … atlantide coins? Same as above … on 20 trunks I’ve seen maybe 5, and now the talents … 1 a day? ie 10 days 10 talents … 3 per type per month? remember that a hero needs 1800 talents not 30 … I think it’s a joke … I expected at least 3 or 5 and is not a complaint to want to take a quicker way, it is the minimum union for giving / have mutual respect. pulling the rope is not a clever game, sooner or later it breaks …


The minute I saw your avatar I knew this would be a long rant about how you are mad at the game.


Is this just a random string of words? Why are you wasting our time (and yours)?


in truth, no bickering … only that if everyone agreed to say the same thing, by force majeure perhaps we would come to a common change …

did I force you to read? to answer? I do not think so … you can also pull straight

Nope, you didn’t force anyone to read or respond. I’m just new to the game and was on here looking for tips and couldn’t figure out if what you posted would make sense if I knew more about the game. I think I vented my frustration a bit more aggressively than I intended.


I play for 17 months and I’m at level 60 if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer you

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

It is like everything else in this game------random. In our alliance members have received anywhere from 3 up to 30 emblems for rare and regular chests, and mystic vision.

I have VIP but have not seen any emblems from that.

With the quests and loot drops I already have enough in one class for an upgrade, and very close on two others. I feel that is reasonable and I am ok with the progress.

I am not in a rush, it seems the lack of Damascus Blades has become the bane of my existence!

17 months, 1000 cases and 500 titans and 0 blades of damask … I know something, I reported it as a bug and they replied I’m unlucky … Meanwhile the 5 bought at 110 € l one those were fine: P I understand you more how much images

That’s great, but seriously, if no one can read what you wrote, it probably won’t be too helpful.

Here is what the VIP gives you:

Or, put another way, for $5 bucks, you get:

  • 900 gems
  • 30 class emblems
  • 90 loot tickets
  • 30 bonus (silver) summons
  • 30-day use of a 2nd builder

The 30 class emblems a month was added for free (no change in price). As always, you don’t have to buy something you don’t want. Happy playing! :slight_smile:


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