Burning Sun [TXP] is looking fou you!

Sure we do, but sometimes life intervenes.

hey im looking for an alliance but I was wondering if this one was just for adults? I also am active always except when my phone gets taken away but I will tell u guys. And my team power is only somewhere in the 2000s

We are for looking some more players to join our alliance. You won’t regret it, when you join us.

Knock knock knock… spots are open and opportunity awaits to join a great knowledge filled team who work well and have great communication. We use all flags on wars and keep a schedule on titans keeping us hitting 10-11 continuously. Active individuals wanted.

Hello Anyone there, there, ther, the, th, t…? Just join us. We are a fun bunch.

Not joining us, it’s your miss, hehe :mage:

Still some spots open. :mage:

We are a lovely bunch, just try us out. You won’t be disappointed. A merge with a small group is also possible. Join us. :mage:

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