Burning Sun [TXP] is looking fou you!

We merged into the fantastic core after leaving darkmoon family. We have been here a year and have maintained being full and a top 1k alliance which was exactly what I wanted to see happen.

We are still looking for 2 players. You won’t regret it, when you join us. :mage:

Did your team just lose a war because all the flags weren’t used? How about that rare titan that got away last week because of inactivity? Well we at Burning sun know nothing of the sort. Come join us and find out what teamwork is all about

I’d like an invite but your language is not English?

@DarkHorseSki Sure,we use primarly the english language, because we are a world wide alliance. But we are using the jap language settings, we can curse some that way. but we don’t abuse it. Words like S**t and the likes i meant. Many alliances use it, because of the restrictions on the english language.

Seeking 2 players still. Try us out, you won’t regret it.

Come one come all. Be apart of the Burning sun family. Many veteran players with a wealth of knowledge to share.
Currently hitting 10/11* titans on schedule for POV.
Great effective yet simple war strategy.
Minimum cup requirements at 2200
International alliance speaking English
Line used but not necessary
If anything here sounds good then hit us up in game or on line.
Mention this add and get 15% off but hurry as this special wont last!!!

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Yeah, contact me here or in game:
Line ID: traggthebeardy

Hey @Sid3ways, can you change the Family name please.

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Come and get those spots filled.

Upset because flags weren’t used and it caused your team loss? Tired of everyone just looking out for themselves while you strive for the team win? Then come over to Burning sun where team work is number one! We use a simple but proven war strategy, kill titans on a simple schedule to make sure all get to hit and being a world wide alliance, there is always someone on to help or talk to!
Stop being held down at your failing alliance and come join us!

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It’s all true folks. BTW, we are still looking for some players. :mage:

Spots still open!!! Come check us out!!!

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Yep, still 3 places to be filled. :mage:

Water is warm come join before the start of the next war and enjoy another W & 5 points added to your chest

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Best join after war, it’s not cool to join during war and leave flags standing at your current place.

3 players needed to fill Burning Sun [TXP] again. check us out, you won’t be dissapointed.

I am Farmland Legend with a defense team of 4692
I have to other players wanting to join your alliance Stevie G team d @ 4726 and fab filly team d 4545 are you interested in package deal?

Hi @FarmlandLegend,

Sure, hop in. you won’t regret it.

Kind regards Tragg.

Does your alliance has full participation in wars and on Titan?

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