Burning Sun [TXP] is looking for 3 players!

2 places to be filled. Come check us out. After war of course!

Thx @Kith much appreciate it. Sorry for the late response, but i really thought that i replied to you earlier, hehe.
The mind works in mysterious ways

Seeking 2 players. Come check us out!!! After war of course. Any questions, just shoot. :mage:

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Do you regularly use all your flags in war… attack the titans when ever you’re logged on…do you enjoy good banter and a leader that is always on and leading from the front… if you answered NO to any of this then walk away but if you answered YES then Darkmoon TFC is the place for you!!!
Very communicative
Line used but not an end all need
Low yet competitive requirements
During POV we stay at 10/11* titans
Easy to follow war strategy
Everyone pulls their weight but RL always comes first.
Come give us a try and see if we are what youre looking for!


thx @Sid3ways. Am i really always on? LOL
Send me to bed sometimes, hehe.


We are still looking for 2 players, don’t be shy. Check us out!

:wave: :wave:

20 :wave: from The Locker

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hi @Wolfwarrior,

how are you buddy. Interested to join us?

I am doing good Tragg. And sorry, I am happy with my Locker clan.

ah, yes of course, memory loss. I’m getting old, hehe

It’s all good, how’s the Darkmoon family doing?

Come and join us. You won’t be disappointed. Dave provides drinks to anyone who joins.

But be carefull with those drinks. you never know what he puts in them, hehe.

Here’s your chance to join us again! Two players willing to join our us? I’m sure you like it with us.

Hi trag! Been a long time my friend!

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Hey Terryson,
Indeed, a long time.
How are you buddy?
Still enjoying the game, i presume.

We are still looking for two players, don’t be shy. Check us out. :mage:

Are you wondering whether your New-Year’s resolution of having joined a competitive top-tier alliance was such a great idea after all? Or are you becoming frustrated with your alliance mates because you’re already behind on PoV, but you don’t want to compromise on good vibes AND achieving your goals?

Then DarkMoon [T.F.C.] may be the right place for you. We are drama-free, have low-effort, high-reward war strategies, coordinate war set-ups, and fight 10* and 11* titans (up to 12* when we are full).

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That’s right,

We are a solid bunch, and we can count on each other.

Kind Regards

We are still looking for 2 players. You won’t regret it, when you join us.

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