Bumped out of alliance

I was the leader of titan dragon slayers. I signed in and found I was in a different alliance. When I joined my old alliance, the messages said I made someone else leader and then left the alliance. Two other long time members also unexplainably left.

That sounds incredibly odd. I’m having a hard time imagining how that could have happened to give you any insight or suggestions.

But that said, this is likely somehow account specific for you, and not a game-wide bug, so you should contact support about it, since no one on the forum (staff included) addresses account-specific issues:


Not sure how to proceed as you suggest. seems we were hacked somehow. When I follow your link it is a search for problems. It doesn’t let me post my issue.

Yeah, it’s a bit buried in those instructions what you have to do. I’ll explain here, hopefully it’ll help you find it:

First, in the game, it’s Options > Support tab > Support button.

I think this is the part you missed from the linked instructions:

When the game opens the support website, you tap the three lines menu icon, then hit Submit a request:

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I’ve had problems in the past if i hit the “sign in”. I go straight to submit a request and I’ve had no problem contacting them.

Yes, I don’t think you want to Sign In. But the menu button on mobile is just to the left of the Sign In button, as on the screenshot above. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details. I did finally figure it out and opened a support case.

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You’re welcome, and glad you were able to open a case. I hope it gets resolved quickly!

It occurred to me that if you think there’s a chance your account was tampered with, you should make sure your Apple or Google account is secure. It might be worth changing your password for that, if you haven’t already. Just a thought while you’re waiting for support to get back to you.

The exact same thing happened to me after the latest update from Android. I have a support ticket open as well. Nothing else seems different. Just have no Alliance now…

Were you the leader of your alliance, or just a member?

I was leader for 400+ days. Now it says joined 15 hours ago.

In my case I was just a member…

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