Bulldogs Oasis

A brand new alliance is looking for active players and a Co leader to help

A place to hit titans, win and lose wars and most importantly to have fun

English speaking with players from UK and USA

3700+TP required

Line or Discord is preferred but not essential

We’re looking to build a family of active team mates…

Bulldogs Oasis

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I did wonder what had happened. Good idea on setting up the family of alliances… good luck to everyone

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Thank you JGE, I hope you’re well

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If you like a small alliance with active members and no missed war flags/titans then come and join Bulldogs Oasis

3700+TP required
Discord preferred


We’re a bunch of very active players from UK and USA, conscientious and never miss war flags! We try to help and support each other in any way we can

We’re not fans of big crowded alliances… Most of us are either f2p or c2p

Atm there are 13 of us and we’d like to take this number up to a max of 20

Rotating tanks, ffa wars where heavy hitters target the higher teams and lower teams are left for our weaker team mates.

6* titan (we’re a new alliance but the majority of us have been playing for 2+years)

Discord is optional

Bulldogs Oasis

Hi, Bulldogs Oasis!

If you are interested in increasing your numbers beyond 20, West of the Equator would be interested in the possibility of a merger. West is one of the Equator alliances and currently stands at 17 members, taking on 9* titans. We have much the same attitude to the game — daily activity required, use titan flags and all war flags if opted in, no spending requirements. However, because we are a multi-alliance group, Discord membership is required. If you’re interested in chatting about this, check us out!

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Hello West of the equator and thank you for the offer

I’m a bit worried because we have 2 quite weak members who are still working to build a solid roster and they got lost in the crowd in a full alliance before.

So we’re ideally looking to go up to 20 members so they can still get the training and attention required because they’ve been with us right from the start

Good luck :blush:


Hi again! We have a couple of members in a similar place in West. West actually started out as a development/training alliance, with East of the Equator as the semi-competitive sister alliance, but West re-branded in 2021 because we were not finding a ton of people looking for a development alliance. Anyway, as a result, we have quite a few members who are interested in helping with training (although, to be fair, we prefer that people ask questions, because unsolicited advice can become irritating).

I joined East of the Equator back when it was a single alliance, and I stayed – and eventually moved over to lead West when we expanded – because the Equator group was so kind and supportive. I’m not trying a hard sell here, but if the training and individual attention is the sticking point, I think it is not an insurmountable difficulty. :slight_smile:

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