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Hello to everybody !!!

I am a new gamer, about 3 weeks. I am lvl 15 almost to the half of the builtings. I want to ask, how many builtings, I must have of each, to make possible, lvl 20 at Stronghold, Training Camp and Barracks Troops.
Also I have a request to the development. I bought all the offers what the send me. So if there is a system that they can see that, please more often offers.

Thank you very much for your time.

Welcome to the forum. To get your SH to 20 you will need to get all 4 of your iron storage to at least lvl 18. Having a v.i.p. and two builders will help you to achieve this faster.

To get a barracks you need to convert one of your buildings at level 5 - I would suggest a forge as you don’t need that many to begin with.

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Training Camp and Barracks Troops ?

Look here, bookmark Base:

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