Buildings in town


I wonder if it will be more way better if the buildings on the town fields are already there but in sort of fog so all new players will see them and get em activated only by press on them for the first time.
Cause in te and another some new ppl asked if they had a mistakes picking one building before others or to prevent them from thinking that they can have other types of buildings than any one else.
Ofc keeping feature to move buildings will remain there for decoration.
■I also like to have a library building in town that have all buildings purposes/needs to upgrade aka ( resources, time and SH level ) so it will help the new players to learn about all other buildings specially Baracks … saving every one time of the for ever question (How do I train my Troops?) .


Yes!! The building of the fortress is a lot like this PC game I used to play, Heroes of Might and Magic, but every building had a description, and when you clicked on your “Stronghold”, it gave you a summary od all of your buildings, what stage they were at, what your stronghold’s output was (gold in HoMaM, iron and food for E&P). A library building would be a great way to plan your next build or upgrade.


An overall town summary doesn’t need an additional building - it’s a logical addition to the current stronghold.