Building upgrades


I think building upgrade times are extreamly excessive. I’m constantly running out of food and iron storage. In the race to keep upgrading them I find it difficult to upgrade my stronghold. Right now in order to upgrade from level 14 to 15 I will have to wait 3 days for completion. This upgrade will give me 4 more lots to build on. Unfortunately again I’m stuck with not enough storage for my iron and food. I don’t mind spending $4.99 here and there but I only use the gems I purchase for better heros. I think if it were possible either shorten build times or allow more than one building project at a time. My suggestion is that several structures can be worked on at a time just have some restrictions such as only one Iron storage at a time but you can also have food storage upgrading(one) etc etc. Work it like the hero training or crafting.


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