Building upgrades in queue

Upgrading buildings takes time, I don’t mind waiting, as long as I could queue up some upgrades for the time I’m away, because some of us are at work, or busy for hours and it would help us a lot!

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They want you to log in regularly :slight_smile:

I log in every day 2 times at least, but there is an 8 and sometimes 12 hour gap, when I’m at work, when I don’t have time to take my phone, so it would help a lot if I could queue up some building upgrades.

When building upgrades take 2+ days, what value does a queue have?

On the other hand, I like it earlier on, when buildings took less time to complete. Hmmm…

For when the time expires as you sleep or are otherwise engaged. The timers run the gamut in duration


Fair enough, though at 3 months I despair of finding any building that is less than 2 days. Maybe Houses? :wink:

Even if you have to wait 2, 3, 4 days… I had to wait 1 day and 6 hours for something and exactly when that time run out I was at work doing 12 hours, so in those hours something would have been halfway through upgrading.

I would want a way to cancel excess builds so if I change my mind, I can go do SH18, rather than 3 lvls of Iron Storage…

That would be nice to, but wouldn’t you loose what you already invested in upgrading other stuff?

Good idea! The materials req creates a natural cap for queue length.

Needn’t—if you reduce the queue at the Firge or Training Camps, the materials are returned to inventory (if there’s room).


Can’t you predict you will be at work or asleep when it finishes and upgrade something else first? That is what I do. I am upgrading a trainingcamp from 13 to 20, but when the end time won’t be convenient, I just upgrade a food storage in between. I think it is part of the strategy, I am (almost) always upgrading something this way.


Yes, but what do you do when you’re 3 days in a row at work 12 hours and you have a 1 day and 17 h to wait for an upgrade, then most probably I miss a day of upgrading because of that! And even though I log in regularly, never missed logging in 2 times a day but as I mentioned, there is a strong probability that I would have something halfway through when I log back in! If I would have the option of queuing! Just one next in queue would be just fine! Just one would help a lot! And it would still make people log in regularly!

I agree.
In situations where i know a build will end when i sleep, i try to do a smaler build on something else even if i dont neex it. Then i do the big one. Big one is still done when i wake up and i wasted less time

Then you don’t start that upgrade, but you do another upgrade first. Let’s say it is evening, the upgrade you want to do is 1 day 17 hours, but you will be at work when that finishes. So you do an 8 hour upgrade first. It will be finished early in the morning when you wake up and you can start your 1 day 17 hours upgrade then, that will be finished late in the evening of the next day. Just an example, you could also plan that upgrade to finish on the weekend and do a 24 hour upgrade in between.

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I understand not wanting to think about it. Maybe this will be a possibility someday. Let’s see!

I dont mind waiting on some of the building to upgrade… but this being stuck until 1 at a time finish??? I think is ridiculous… why should I wait 2 days. Before I can do anything else?

Resource management and planning. Time is one of the resources to be planned around.

How about having a queue for the builder? That way the builder could begin the next building as soon as the current work in progress was completed.

That’s a good idea, especially when higher level buildings take 4+ days days to complete, gaining that 12 hours or so can make a difference if it completes while you’re sleeping, busy etc.

anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile