Building to trade or recycle heroes


Create a guild of adventurers to which you can send your pumped heroes that are no longer used (so that the guild brings a small profit in the form of food and metal) Only 1 hero of one type can be sent to the guild. The more you send to the guild of heroes, the more it brings resources. And so that it was possible to collect the entire collection of heroes in the guild. So that you can get the heroes there for resources for events with limitations. In order for each hero from the collection to be given certain resources in time (for example, he introduced 1 hero in the guild of 1 star green and Tiba in 12 hours gives 1 grass, introduced all 4 heroes in 1 star give 5 herbs in 12 hours) something like this

Lack of continuity

I think that the bridge behind the advertisement tower should be used for an alliance bridge. This would allow us to have an army base that during war our war defense team can go and we can have different war time missions and buildings that we can use to share resources