Building times and more than 1 building at a time


When you require building times of multiple days, I think Small Giant needs to figure out how to allow multiple buildings of other building. We get locked out of building and then we get full of iron or full of food and risk losing it in our watchtowers because of being full up. If we can craft in multiple forges then we should be able to multiple build at the same time. This system needs updated.


Continuation: or they need to cut down the times of bigger builds. Something needs to be changed with the build system. Also the raid system seen unbalanced. If I have more team power than another team how come I lose so often? If I’m a couple of hundred points more than another team my team should overpower the other right?


Couple hundred points shouldn’t over power. I wouldn’t putntoo much stock in power numbers. Look at heros and troops instead. Raids require strategy


I thought that too when I had just managed to get over 2000 team power and yet just could not beat a player with a defence team of a mere 750 points.

It’s not just the points, and though the troops do make a difference, one could argue those troops are already accounted for in the team power number. Take a look at the selected hero SKILLS too! Some of these skills effect your mana progress, your attack strength, the defensive strength of the heroes you are fighting, or even refresh their health as a group. Some of those skills have a lasting contribution over 3,4,5, and even 6 turns. This is where strategy comes in. Once you identified which hero might have the worst effect against you, try to eliminate it first. The best outcome is when you can manage to eliminate this hero BEFORE it gets triggered. Killing him after he has been triggered does not take away it’s effect unless you have a hero that you can trigger, or have a potion, that can clear some of those “buffs”.

When 2 heroes have skills you would rather avoid, but are unsure which to eliminate first, you can often take advantage of the fact one might build-up mana faster than the other - and hence target the faster one first. Healers tend to be high on my target list for example. My adversary with 750 team power had maxed level 1 and 2 heroes only - but he had the fastest mana, better defence increase, better healer, and better attack skilled heroes I’d seen. I found him inspiring.

Bottom line: Learn and understand the skills of each heroes you are looking to fight against, and then: Strategy is your answer!

Good luck, and have fun!

  • FunCker