Building time too long

“Please use your brain”?! Really?

Its great people ask questions on the forum. Yeah the search function is underused at times… But we were all new to this game once upon a time.


I agree with you…:wink:

You are rude. And sarcasm will get you nowhere. I am new here…as for attention I am getting its all positive and I consider this community a great way to keep persons like me in the game to continue to play. So if I came to your doorstep and asked a question that you think I should have the answer to you’d throw me off and give me marching orders to get lost go look your answers elsewhere …utterly rude😡


20 is fun stage. But congrats when you complete19😄

I got a Boril 4* over 2-3 weeks ago and I feed him non stop. He is now close to 40 and has maxed out. My challenge is Margaret…5* I feed her what I have but interestingly I find you can max them even if their tiers are full and they can absorb even more status points after due to them not filling out before max time. Anyone can concur this please.:point_up:

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Lovely. And I do encourage others to be helpful. All of us came here without some knowledge and I know there are still members who are unaware of a lot as I myself am. Again thank you!

I have now at the beginning of Sh21 rather the problem with the 10 second construction times.
Then I miss the iron to tackle another building.
This problem would not be so great without ViP because then you can expand between through the mines.
But to get to the Hunter’s Lodge faster I have to bring the food storage to 20.
Although I save some time but the iron deficiency will probably knock me out soon.

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Talk about really waiting!!! Its possible to have completed all the buildings and that will make it easier I guess for those who are advanced. I on the other hand find this a great challenge.

I do not like it when one of the builders has nothing to do and drinks beer.
But after creating the Hunter’s Lodge I will not have iron and have to give him at least a day off.:wink:


The construction times are already long. I’m playing for a year and I do not have all the buildings on 20. But that’s the game. And before SH21, building was no longer interesting for me. Now there are goals again to reach in the distant future.


:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::joy::joy::joy::joy:I am seriously laughing! To find persons who KNOW this is pure drama…and then some…lol

Marcia, love how you handled the rude comments, classy

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Hey hey…do you know I had to sleep on what to say?
I write a lot and quotes are my favorite pastime. So that attitude is like one bad apple in the heap AND I had to get one in my brunch!:wink:

It’s a game. Why do many take this seriously? When SH 30 comes in 2021 I will be ready.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::dash::dash::dash::dash:you do that…don’t need no heat where I am…lol

Hope nobody takes me seriously. I do not know about SH30.

Love this community!!!:relieved::relieved::relieved::joy::joy::joy::joy:

SH30 what’s going on???:lying_face::shushing_face:

SG probably needs to lower the cost of the monthly sub then. Betwen building costs and building time the 2nd builder has become obsolete.


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