Building new teams with 4 and 5 star * heroes

I have been playing for just over half a year now and could really use some expert advice on solid team building with existing roster (see attached). I’ve used different combinations of heroes and try to balance skills/abilities etc., but still seem to have crappy results fighting in raids and Season 2 Hard levels/stages.

What would YOU do?

Also debating who to level next in each element as I max out the ones I’m currently working on. (Need ONE more scope for Magni’s ascension!)


I don’t have so much experience with 5*, but maybe you want to try Wilbur, Wu Kong and some color stacking AoE hitters for raid (didn’t try on S2 hard yet), it’s nice to see 3 to 5 heroes explode :slight_smile: I guess some more experienced players will have some more serious suggestions, but that is a lot of fun WHEN it works (Wu Kong is gambling).

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Yeah, Wu Kong has saved the day several times, and also, doomed me several times. Stripped out Li Xiu’s (my 1st 4*) emblems for him once he was maxed. Trying her on raid defense now and wishing she still had a few!

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Very nice rosters… interesting… can I know which desense setup you have?

Purple: Proteus. And Kunchen as a best Tank. And Sartana good sniper.
Yellow: Guin, best Tank. And Joon good Sniper.
Red: Wilbur is good, after maxed, then Boldtusk is good, nice att buff plus heal.
Green: After Lianna maxed, Margaret is good for dodging hard hitter nearbly allies.
Blue: while waiting mats for Magni, Grimm is very good hard hitter, Frida also debuff element.

For Map Season 2 Hard, I’m not yet finish, but I heard form this community that Hard mode Season 2 can beat with just *4, like Proteus, Boril, Boldtusk.
I’m not sure with your current levelup roster, maybe others can suggest better.

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I’m currently trying Sabina - Gormek - Li Xiu - Hansel - Kiril, not the highest team power (and Kiril only at 4/61, but my last line-up had fairly poor results (Sabina - Wu Kong - Gormek - Triton - Melendor/Hansel )

Good advice on who to level next! This is where I’m at with that:

Purple: Sartana has the mats for final ascension, so was going for Proteus next (then Kunchen).

Blue: Until I get the last scope for Magni, I’ll go for Frida after Kiril

Red: Wilbur has a way to go until he can get some emblems, after that - not sure. Boldtusk seems to be the popular choice, but Marjana, Elena and Anzogh are very tempting.

Yellow: Probably Onatel after Delilah is done. Guinevere probably after her then Joon. I WANT Joon so bad, but with Magni and Sartana in the mix by then, he probably won’t be as needed yet.

Green: Totally up in the air about who to level up after Lianna is done (one tonic short atm). Still hoping Atomos gets buffed, Caedemon and Little John always give me trouble in raids. I HATED Kashrek early on, and he’s still a pain. I don’t come across Gadeirus very often and Margeret is just too new.

And of course, by the time all that is done, I will be using cybernetic enhanced mental telepathy to play the game from my preserved head in a jar. :robot:

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I think your current defense setup is optimal.
Wu Kong is gambling at defense, and also squishy.

Later on:
Boldtusk - Magni - Guin - Sartana - Liana
Liana - Magni - Guin - Boldtusk - Sartana

Wait… you just already in last ascend Kiril, do you mean 2nd Kiril? If no, then just finish Kiril as his already ascended, then start Frida (because elemental debuff). I agree, because you don’t concern for war.

Why Onatel? Guin if more popular over Onatel.

Caedmon and Sonya is popular as hitter plus dispeller.

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Since you already have a couple full rainbow teams, I think you should focus on just 1 5 * and 1 4* at a time to get them to max level. Strong heroes make all the difference in winning raids and beating S2 hard levels. I’d put all feeders except for blue into Delilah. bule would go to Kirl until he’s maxed, then I’d do the same with Wilbur (with red), then move on to Buddy for 4 stars. By then, you’ll probably have Delilah maxed and can start feeding Lianna or Sartana, and repeat the process. Focus on the color/style hero you need to allow you to raid with a 3/2 setup including a healer in each color. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more successful your raids will be.

Spreading out your feeders among a lot of heroes makes sense when you are trying to build your first couple teams. After that, you want to be able to add stronger heroes as quickly as you can. Having Delilah fully leveled as a tank will help a lot.

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Yes, finishing Kiril 1st (ascended, not maxed) then Frida/Magni. Still want Grimm in there at some point…

I’ve been doing a lot of research on here about Onatel vs Guinevere, still debating, but Onatel seems to have an edge for overall usefulness.

I think Guin is a far better tank than Onatel. If talking about offense, I think Onatel is probably better, but Guin has underrated usefulness when attacking.

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Choose a prime tank: Kunchen or Guin. Guin slightly better but not useful on offence; Kunchen good in both rolls.

Build out from there.

Green - consider Buddy if you run stacks. He makes every other green better and minions are like healing. For reference - I’m high diamond, was #2 globally yesterday and Buddy displaced Tarlak on my mono green team.

Blue: Frida - same idea as Buddy - makes all your blues better.

Red: BoldTusk - same principle.

Once you get to leveling your 3rd or 4th hero of a colour, I believe you go for force multipliers and/or healers. This is true for 3/2 4/1 and Mono offences.


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