Building mine from 19 to 20 lvl

Hi, the time of the improvement of the mine from 19th to 20th level does not match. While clicking it shows 1day 1 hour, but really it takes 1day 2 hours. Please correct this!! Thx.

after u reach more than 1 day, u will not see minutes in city view, it appears 1d1h, it can be 1d1h59m, hope it helped u

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btw, can u help me create a topic to report a bug? xD

Read some threads (10min) then you can post yourself

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What Aemboss said. Nothing to fix here.

Ok, I started my building at 20:09, at 22:50 it show that 23:19 left. So it will end not at 20:09 tomorrow! It will end 1 hour later! Count yourself!

If you started your building at 20:09, and it’s 25 hours long, it will end at 21:09 the next day. So it makes sense it would be an hour later, it takes one day and one hour to level your mine to lvl 20.

I don’t see the problem, but maybe I misunderstood something.

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I think there are some mispelling in text. Since if it is 22.50 and it shows 23.19. That would be finish 22.09, which is two hours more than 20.09.

To be more specific, the ‘bug’ is that time remaining gets truncated instead of rounded.

1d 1h 59min 59sec would more reasonably read 1d 2h until it drops below 1d 1h 30min.

Training center build queues do the same thing.

Probably forge build queues as well but I don’t get those over one day often enough to notice.

Yeah, as soon as you start a building that takes 1 day and 2 hours, as soon as you start it it says 1d 1h, not including the extra 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

So, with 1d 1h it would say 1d I believe, being fairly misleading. Idk if that’s where the confusion lies?

Okay, so two hours and 41 minutes into it listed 23 hours and 19 minutes remaining?

If that’s true, then that doesn’t seem right. There is an extra hour there.

But if it was listed as 1d (& 19 minutes remaining but not listed) at 41 minutes in, then that is correct.

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